Wednesday, January 27, 2010

♫ Random Monday-1/25/10

Yes, I know it’s not Monday. Or the 25th. But it feels like it. I took a four day weekend, and this Wednesday, is my Monday.

*I keep reminding myself that I can learn from others poor choices, rather than being spiteful towards them.

*Someday, when my girls are like 7 (please don’t remind me that the age of 7 is not far away.), I’m making them be Girl Scouts, just for my cookie needs. Om nom nom nom. <- - see that? All the Samoya’s just disappeared.

*I gave the blog a makeover this morning, like it? I do. The snow is still there because I have no idea where Sarah hid her brilliance, but it’s mostly invisible, and we’re actually just trying to give you a blog-inducing coma.

*I love the Vikings. It’s in my blood, to love the Minnesota Vikings. I’ve been raised around the hollering at every game, the ridiculous outfits to mark us as huge fans, example below (my dad, little brother, cousin, and uncle). I have heard the football talk around the dinner table. I’ve been to one game at the metrodome and will never, ever forget it. Admittedly, I just really got in to football this year. Even more of a confession, I blame it on Brandon. And not because he’s a fanatic, or forces me to listen to sports radio, but because he actually gets me involved. He teaches me the little things by dragging me through Madden on the Xbox and demonstrating HOW to make Football happen... making me choose my own plays, players, etc. Now that I’ve got technique down, the game is actually quite fascinating. Also? The Vikings game this weekend? Had me in a rage. If you can’t handle a little of overtime ref’s? Choose a different career.

*My friends have me in a fierce mind battle between going near-black dark, or auburn. Because, again, I’m craving a hair change. Thoughts?

*Funny how once the self destruct button is pushed in a person’s brain, they have a strange inability to turn it off. And they are the only ones that have control over that button, so stop trying to unpush it for them, mmmkay?

*My W2 landed on my desk while I played “On Vacation” and I’m completely stoked to get my taxes done this year.

*Age has no bearing on manners. If you’re 28, or 41, or 68 or whatever…saying “Thank You” is a nice gesture, and staying away from certain subjects is appropriate. Just sayin’. I know some words are trendy, like “like” for example, “Thank You”, isn’t one of those trendy things.

*Very few people have the guts to cross me pre-coffee. Kudos to the cube-mate across the way. High fives, even. AFTER MY COFFEE

*Three blogs I want you to check out when you’re feeling blog-needy:

Reese blogged about tricky, tricky restaurants, and how to eat healthier at them: Finding Reese

A friend’s, friend has an interesting eye for photography: Lately Hardly

My sister just started her own blog. Give her some love, and check out her dailyish health tips! She’ll ruin things like sweet tea FOREVER. Frolicking Frenzy

*Quote: “Expectation that’s not followed by action is not expectation… it’s just hoping; and hoping has never achieved very much.”

*Song (amazing lyrics):

Lady Antebellum: Ready to Love Again

*My girls get to play mastics tonight. I can’t wait.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Nice randomness today! Can't comment because you gave me way too many subjects, randomness to read!

Just so you know...I can hardly see the snow. So you may leave it if you wish!

Sazaran said...

*waves hand mysteriously through air* You waaant to come to the darrrrk side. :)

I heart the facelift!

Danielle said...

Thanks, sista!

Anonymous said...

About the hair, go auburn, its already in your genes. If you go black it wont match your beautiful face. If you go auburn, get it done professionally so it does not look fake. In face, you could write an entire blog on how bad fake red hair looks on people. :)

Anonymous said...

I meant, in fact, not in face, sorry

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