Wednesday, January 20, 2010

♫ All that junk…or lack thereof.

We’ve blogged about exercise countless times. We’ve had ghost blogs. We’ve talked about how much we hate it. We’ve talked about our goals. And we’ve talked about the benefits. We’ve had blogs on soda pop, weight loss, eating right, etc. All those blogs were written by other people. I thought I’d give it a shot, too. A fact-less, thoughtful blog on the going-on’s in my head these days about my own body.

Two kids later, and living in my mid-twenties, it’s fair to say that my body isn’t nearly as excited to bounce back from carrying two kids. Or eating out. Or eating whatever. It’s a strange feeling, the first time you realize that your body is changing with a little bit of age and life experience, whether you like it or not.

Things that happen before you realize it’s happening:

#1. The Gut

It doesn’t have to be large, and hanging over, and gross. It happens when you’re chilling in your pj’s…those adorable Victoria Secret sweats you love so dearly, and your cutesy tight tank top, reading a book. You oh, so gracefully, pull your knees up to your chest to get enthralled in another Dear Edward… book, and realize that there is a bit of extra skin in your midsection that is killing your romance novel. Completely distracted now, you remind yourself you ate a little extra today, get off the bed, do 20 extra sit-ups, because that usually flattens it right back out, and climb back up, satisfied. Pat yourself on the back, you’ve done it again. But wait…

They aren’t bouncing back to flat.

#2. After heating something heavy, you’re heavy.

Odd how much longer that full feeling from overeating sticks around as you get a bit older. I used to be able to eat everything in the house, then join my friends on a Sonic-run, and not miss a beat. Now, not only am I uncomfortable for hoursssssss, I look it.

Curse you, age.

Here’s the deal. I’m not overweight. In fact, when my kids were sick I took them to the doctor, and, admittedly, checked out the weight chart on the back of the door. I’m average. I look fine. I’m not old enough to gripe about my age making things sag, or my skin wrinkling. Just the fact that my metabolism is seriously slowing down, and that I don’t really appreciate it much. My goal, by April, for two reasons, is to tone. I will eat better, lose a bit of weight, and find my abs. I mean it. I’m….squishy. I found out today that I can switch my gym membership to a place that is kid-friendly, and it gave me motivation.

I’m curious, though, mid-twenty folks…what, besides special kinds of diets, are your favorite work out routines? I’m particularly interested in those with kids. How do you dig up more time and more energy, for exercise?

Yours Truly,

4 comments: said...

You + me = *arm movements* Y M C A

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful just as you are! But, if you tone those arms and legs with some weights and you will be beautiful and a hottie! Shapely arms and legs look good on women!

Wyoming Princess said...

I have no children, but I belong to an MMA (boxing/kickboxing/etc.) gym, and some members bring their kids to hang out with the owners' kids while we sweat it out with the punching bags and kick shields. I can't speak for all boxing/MMA gyms, but holy cow - I have found my abs. And my arm/back/leg muscles. And some new friends, too.

Lisa said...

P90X baby, when I have time it really does work. It works every single thing on your body. The only problem is I have three kids and work full time, sometimes it's hard to find the time to tone up. Although I think I'm going to start a fruit diet, and see how that works out. :) Good luck Momma! By the way I think you have a awesome body!

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