Monday, January 4, 2010

♫ Random Monday-1/4/10

Title: What Goes Around, Comes Around. <- - Listen to the song in this blog.

Happy 2010! Where in the world has time gone, and how it already the fourth of January?

I’ve made several resolutions to myself for this New Year, not so much goals, as a change in complete outlook on things. To keep things consistent, I’ll lay mine out similar to Sarah did in this here Random Monday blog: Sarah's Randomness

#1. Zen. Balance. While it’s nearly impossible to survive a relationship with somebody when they live over an hour away, we get two days a week to accomplish it, making it nearly impossible to have any kind of balance at all. My goal: Make that relationship stronger, find a way to balance that one, with personal time with friends and family. I have a goal to spend more time with each and every one of you, prepare yourselves.

#2. Go back to school. Again. Only this time, for a completely different degree that is in no way related to the one I’ve almost got. It’s going to be a challenge, it’s going to be expensive. I don’t plan on finishing anything this year, but a start is on the list of goals.

#3. Honesty. I loathe confrontation, but it’s officially time to grow a pair. So…I'm aiming to be more honest when asked to be, and I'm going to try to bust out some pretty serious closet-skeletons that have been mine all mine for a long time. We’ll start with semicolons. I’m going to be honest…it’s the only thing in English that I did not grasp; and therefore; I have no idea; where to put them;. Help me. Also, for my skeletons, I dedicate this song:

#4. Money. This year I will start my very own bank account, with nobody else on it. A basic savings account. And it will have money in. it. I’m a big girl, I’ve had bank accounts, but I’ve been dumb enough to share every single one of them and lose my ars on them. New beginnings mean fresh starts. I will save money, and I will not be at the end of my rope every single month, ever again. I’m also going to start paying off back-debt.

#5. Pray. Every; single; day. With my girls, so I can teach them to pray. I didn’t mean to copy Sarah on this one, it was actually a goal. I started a journal a few days ago and everything. If you need proof that prayer works; try it. Every single one of you should copy this idea.

There you have it, my goals for this year. If I stick to two of them, I can still consider myself an optimist.

Time for Teh Randumz.

*~With the exception of what I said above about semicolons, I am a bit of a grammar nazi. And, thanks to being friends with some hard core grammar nazi’s, I’ve developed a grammar twitch.

*~I don’t believe in necessarily sugar-coating, but truth in moderation is completely legal. Especially if it spares somebody pain.

*~I have this boy, that loves me. Proof:
#1. He gives me all of the green Sour Patch Kids.
#2. He lets me work the remote as long as football isn’t on. And puts up with my Law&Order marathons. And pretends to like them.
#3. He’s amazing with my kids. He actually worked through a toddler tantrum this weekend like’s he’s been doing it for years.
#4. He carried my bags, and my kids, while I shopped this weekend.
#5. Eggnog icecream. Nuf’ said.

*~When I get stressed, I clean. It’s genetic, thanks, mamma. This weekend? The ceiling fans got washed, then dusted. THEY SHINE.

*~Over this last break I got to see a friend that I haven’t seen since 5th grade. To age myself a bit, that’s like…14 years. And we still have this amazing connection. Reminds me of that quote that says something like…If a friend of your past doesn’t make it to your future, there’s a reason for it. She’s in my life to serve a purpose…and she’s really quite amazing. And short. I envy her lack of tall.

*~I’d like to thank the people that have been commenting on this blog. While some of the comments seem a bit redundant, our blog traffic has doubled. We appreciate your interaction, and lets’ face it, raising hair a bit. I do ask that you remember the following:
#1. No matter what the blog says, we’re the blog authors, and have the right to disagree with you. Or push your buttons.
#2. WE are the blog authors. Meaning there is two of us. With different opinions. We have a lot in common, but assuming we’re the same person isn’t fair either.
#3. We love your comments, even if they are mean. Secretly, we like the challenge of figuring out exactly who you are. ;)
#4. We allow anonymous comments to provide a safe haven for you to put your opinion out there. Period. Not for you to be mean.
#5. Our blog rocks. You think so too, or you wouldn’t read it. ;) Orrrrrr, you really enjoy arguing. Either way, feel free to stick around. And play nice.

*~We’re going to try to be organized in 2010. We’re going to try and post one guest blog a week until we run out. Email us if you’d like to be published!

*~Has big stresses in her head that won’t come out until resolved. Like:
#1. Where am I going to be living forever? My kids start school, like, this year.
#2. If I lock every door in my house, why do I still dream that somebody wants to harm my kids while they sleep?
#3. ^ Probably because of Law&Order marathons. I should find a less scary show to love. House makes me develop Hypochondria though. Bad.
#4. Child support. growls.


“To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

Pictures: My New Year’s Eve in a nutshell!

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

I think that for a woman as great as you, you mangage pretty well. You set goals, and you seem to always meet them. You do have a hard life to balance, and I feel that this year you will find complete balance in this world of yours. You will find your forever home, at least one for the next say 10 years or so.(wink wink). I think more so you will find peace with yourself, and when that happens the rest will fall into place. Promise. Know we are always here for you in paridise.
love, hugs, and kisses

Anonymous said...

Short people rock!

maliaana said...

Nomz - even after having many nuns push the proper use of punctuation at me for years, I too, find it hard to remember the proper way to use them! Here's an explanation to reminds us how:

Nomz & Sara - one doesn't need to get on ones knees for it to be considered rightful prayer... sometimes thinking good thoughts when an ambulance goes by or appreciating the clouds in the sky can be just the right prayer for the moment.

Sara - if you find yourself planning your trip to Greece, have Nomz reach me and I can give you some hints and possibly connect with someone living there...

Happy New Years ladies!
Mary Ann

Sazaran said...


tricia! said...

team short people!!! haha

and i love your goals! seem like ones that you can handle! i like the quote at the end. if you cant risk anything then whats the point of living?

xoxox, tricia

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