Tuesday, August 24, 2010

♫ Random Monday 8-24-10

Yes, I realize it's not Monday. It's my Monday, that's all that matters, right?

*For years I've argued men on the fact that they all swear by: "All women are crazy." I'm starting to finally realize that they're very right. At least most of us can admit it. Men are just as crazy, they just internalize it better.

* ...is tired of drama trains. And is therefore removing myself from them. Enjoy the ride, y'all. I'll meet you at the station when you stop and chill for a while.

*I have this friend, well two, that seem to be the only ones that are constants. They're always positive. They always tell me the truth. They have few secrets. They have balance and zen. They're spiritual. And they're amazing at keeping me in check. They're my rocks. You know who you are.

*I look at Brandon, and his leadership qualities, his responsible character, his integrity, and his ability to square up with life and take it on...and I feel beyond lucky that he's mine. How did I get so lucky? He's absolutely fearless.

*If you want to be a good mom to your child, realize how you act around them. Hear the things you say to people when you think they're not listening.See your world through their eyes, and then ask yourself if you're who they want to be someday. Anybody can be a mom. It takes a selfless person to be a good one. They're watching every move you make. They're feeling everything you feel. They hear you, even when you don't think they can.

*Dear single mama's...we all made a bad choice, didn't we? At least, from our side of things. Regardless, if you have a child, that child has a dad. And even if you find him worthless, scary, unfit, or insane...he has a right to be with that child until he actually proves otherwise. Just because he's mean to you, does not mean that he's mean to them. Please make that swap time easier on the kids...it's only about them now. Take yourself out of it.

*Vindictive, is the word of the day. If it fits you, KNOCK IT OFF.

*I have so many plans for September. And I haven't told a soul. I can't wait for it all to happen. (No, I'm not going to get pregnant, sell drugs, start drugs, start drinking heavily, get engaged, or move further away, don't assume because things are a secret, that I'm making bad choices.) Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*It was a heavy Random Monday, forgive me?

♫ Whatever You're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but somehow there's peace
It's hard to surrender to what I can't see
but I'm giving in to something Heavenly

It's time to face up
Clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out♫

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Goodness. This is a heavy blog, but it needed to be written.

Your words? The lyrics in that song? Hitting hard for some, harder for others. Me? Meaningful.

I pray that everyone reads every single word of this blog today. Maybe even read it twice. The words make sense. And 'you betcha', if the shoe fits, wear it damn it!

I am very glad I can realize the crazy men and especially women, in my life - - - and I'm avoiding them. Enough women 'stir it up'. It's nice to have a few (you are lucky Nomz) to keep things normal in your beautiful life!

May peace continue to grow in your new life! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest....at first I read the single mom thing and felt really defensive and had to seriously disagree with your comment that single moms need to feel even more guilt about children's fathers and that the father's have a "right" to be in their lives. THEN I read it again (I think sometimes we all need to slow down and process instead of react...I'm working on this :) ) Anywho....I realized that you stated "until they prove otherwise" which is very true. I am a single mom and I HATE when people try to tell me that my son (whose father is not in his life) has "two" parents and that his father has a "right" to be a part of his life. These people are trying to "help" I guess--or meddle....in any case, they are not walking in my shoes, they do not know the dark and abusive man I left to protect myself and my unborn child. They want to "fix" the world by giving me a "blanket" statement....but here is the cold hard black and white truth....Some fathers do NOT have a right when they are abusive (either physically, emotionally etc.) and certainly do NOT have a right when they have walked away....when THEY have chosen to NOT be a part of their child's life. It is NOT ok and NOT excusable for the father to abandon their child financially and most especially emotionally/physically and then be allowed to walk back in--just because he is biologically the dad. As a single mom who loves my child more than anything in this world, I will not subject my child to abuse and most certainly not to a wishy-washy father who can't recognize the value of his own child. There are many different types of situations out there, but my request to people who try to "fix" things and tell a mom that the dad has just as much of a right is PLEASE do not soap box to single moms who are doing their best to protect their children, who are raising them solely alone, who have the dignity of walking away from possibly abusive situations because they love their children and make them a priority and want to ensure that their children feel valued, SAFE and loved---please people, realize that every situation is different and that telling a single mom that the father has a right to the most precious thing that that mother has given birth to is (to some) a slap in the face without knowing the background, the history, the actions behind closed doors that may have lead to the single mom being a single mom. This being said, I realize that the same is true for some single dads raising kids alone and certainly (as stated above) every situation is different, but please (I say this with the utmost respect for you Nomz) think twice before trying to tell a single parent what is "right" for their child, and who has a "right" when it comes to the well-being of their most precious gift.
Thanks.....and I do love you VERY much and your blog---just giving a different perspective.... May God continue to pour His love and wisdom on you my sweet friend.....blessings!

Anonymous said...

See ~J~ how important it is to read and re-read? And also let it soak in.

Nomz words are important and her blogs are from deep in her heart. Also, Nomz is probably NOT saying everything she wants to say, but saying enough, to get US thinking.

I'm glad you re-read before commenting ~J~. You are one of her sincere blog readers since you soaked it all in, BEFORE commenting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous---and it is really nice that we are all able to release our thoughts and feelings sincerely from the depth of our hearts too--thank you Sarah and Nomz for giving us food for thought and the ability to discuss.....

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