Thursday, August 19, 2010

♫ If you're OCD, you're probably sexy too.

My mom is one skinny forty-something year old. Because she's also adopted, we're clueless on what her genes and health are or will be. So I'm like, "Dear Jesus, please let her post-kid body be genetic...". THEN a friend forwarded me this article, and I realized that whether that is genetic or not, her OCD definitely is. Her floors, toilets, and everything but the top of the refrigerator, and inside her desk (According to her, piles of crap IS considered organized, as long as SHE knows where the stuff is) is so clean you can literally eat off their surfaces.

Anyway..., what I've learned in the last few weeks is that the reasons she, and me, and every other one of my fungshwayed, OCD friends are so skinny, is because cleaning is one of the best things you can do for YOU!

According to Healthy Living on Yahoo News, 30 minutes of housecleaning every single day can make a big difference for your health and your house!

More fun facts from them:

* Mopping floors burns 112 calories in 30 minutes
* Scrubbing the bath burns 200 calories in 30 minutes
* Making beds burns 130 calories in 30 minutes
* Cleaning windows burns 125 calories in 30 minutes
* Vacuuming burns 90 calories in 30 minutes
* Dusting burns 50 calories in 30 minutes

While the list of things to do around the house is often thought of as "women's chores", we're actually very lucky. Chores's also a free gym membership, AND you might be lucky enough to have your guests eat off your floor as a compliment! So clean on, my domestic goddesses!

I love vacuuming. And dusting. And doing the dishes. I loathe laundry. Obviously, because it burns so little calories that it didnt' even make the Yahoo! list.

What's your favorite chore? Least favorite? Why?

Yours Truly,

5 comments: said...

You know what would make you love laundry? An outdoor clothesline. There just isn't a word for how cute it'd look, all your do-not-dry clothes & GIANT BRANDON clothes & itsy girl clothes, hanging out together on a line, being a photo op AND productive in unison.

My most-hated chore is cleaning the bathroom. Ugh. Scrubbing the toilet, taking everything off the sink to wipe it down, scrubbing the tub... bleh.

Anonymous said...

Notice ironing is NOT on the list? That's cuz it sucks and probably burns no calories. It should be outlawed by the next state senator.

Anyway, you were not s'posed to tell anybody how bad my desk is. That is why I have a lid on it, so mums the word (haha). On the other hand my barn is cleaner than most peoples houses and my horse trailer floor is so clean you could have a picnic on it.

I love you Naomi and if keeping your bathrooms as clean as mine gets passed down to you, I have done something right.


Anonymous said...

I'm extremely OCD. But no one really knows that about me.

My living room, the general area that people come into my house is always neat and orderly. But for 'the love of God' - do NOT look in my closet or my drawers!

I personally think it's great that your mother looks so awesome in her 40's from cleaning house! But - eating right and other forms of exercise are really needed as our metabolism slows in our mid to late 40's. So...on that note, I've 'given up' house cleaning and just 'work out' now!

Great blog!

Christene Jaramillo said...

Socks and silverware... I hate them both... them being small and inconspicuous.. you think you have the dishwasher fully loaded then bam.. you find a fork... they just can't make themselves obvious. And socks.. they have to have their mate... but of course you can never find their mate.. its somewhere in that preposterous pile of socks.. but guess what.. you have to short through 60+ socks just to find that one.. and then you have to do it over, and over, and over..... Okay.. my blood pressure is rising... just even thinking about it.. makes me feel angry and violent..

reagan said...

I'm a clean freak! I love it all (Ok, I don't love laundry) but the rest of the stuff is fun.

My fave--shining my sink!

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