Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♥My heart hurts for you.

My dear, beautiful friend,

My heart hurts for you when I think of the pain that you're enduring. I wish I could do something to make you feel encouraged, uplifted, and hopeful for your future. I want to do it in a God-sized manner. I wish I could wrap my arms around you while you cry, but I'm too far way. I wish I could pray with you when you do not have the strength do pray, yourself.

You are such a gem. So precious in the sight of so many people. This world would be bleak and much less happy without your laugh. Without your love of life. Without your love for people. I wish you knew how many lives you've impacted by just being you. I cannot speak for others, but my life has been brightened by you. Never ever ever would I give you up or allow your friendship to become something of a memory.

Because I am human, I can only provide human comfort. But because God is God, He can provide real, everlasting, nourishing and eternal comfort. This is not an attempt to be "super spiritual" because I know how much we both hate that; it's only an attempt to console you more than humanly possible.


* You are more than an overcomer.
* You are created in the image of Jesus Christ and He was victorious over all. Over death. Which is very close to such depths of despair. He overcame despair. So can you.
* You are surrounded by people who love you and are praying for you.
* Jesus rejoices over you. Every.DAY.
* There has never been growth without pain. And you, my dear, are growing!
* Jesus will never leave you or forsake you.

Though you may walk (for a short while) through the valley of the shadow of death, the Good Shepherd will lead in you into green pastures, beside still waters. Peace. Peace is coming. Pull through this, lady. I know you can. Jesus knows you can. We're both rooting for you. And though it may not feel like it, your ending is beautiful! Jesus knows the end, He wrote it. And like a kid rooting for the hero in a movie, He is completely behind you, cheering you on.

"GO GO GO! You can do this! I'm helping you! I'm here for you! I'm giving you My strength!"

He is FAITHFUL. TRUE, GENTLE and COMPASSIONATE. Keep speaking that out. Remember how you told me to always speak forth the attributes of the Lord? It works! Push yourself to do it. The enemy cannot stand against truth; he cannot discourage you when you are drowning him out with shouts of praise!

I'm praying for you, darling. Every day. Know this. Just as you helped hold my arms up while my strength and resolve was failing, I will be there just the same. I love you with all my heart.


Anonymous said...

There is Beauty from Ashes & Healing for the Broken Hearts!

Isaiah 61:1-3

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