Wednesday, August 4, 2010

♫ Somewhere in the middle...

For my favorites...

Looking around, it actually hurts to see some of the misery going on in the world. From the guy on the corner, to the hurting friend, to the defeated leaders. I see people stuck between who they were, and who they are going. I see people in the middle of where they want to be, and who they're going to be.

Feeling trapped in the "right now" is the worst feeling in the world when it's not a comfortable place to be.

Feeling stuck in a situation, ready to run but afraid to quit, is terrifying.

Wanting something so bad, and finding it just out of reach is frustrating.

Trying to decide if a goodbye, or forgiveness is the better option.

Fixing a broken relationship, or realizing it was never a relationship to begin with and no longer worth the effort, is painful.

Feeling like a mom, a wife, a homemaker, a housewife, and never a exhausting.

Having an insane amount of debt, and no money to dig your way out of it is the definition of insomnia.

Facing at night your worst fears, anxiety's, and all the things you push off just to focus on the day, is excruciating.

It makes you wonder, doesn't it, if you're in those places because you're afraid to risk something?

It makes you question if you've got what it takes to move forward, instead instead of staying still.

It makes you curious if there really is something else out there.


You're not alone. You're not the first person to go through this.

Hurt people hurt people. Loved people love people. Love people. When you're hurting, love anyway.

"Your biggest break can come from never quitting. Being at the right place at the right time can only happen when you keep moving toward the next opportunity."

Also, never ever be afraid to say yes to yourself. Say Yes To Yourself.

"Giving yourself over like this is probably one of the most challenging things you can do in your life. And it’s also one of the most important decisions you can make.

When you move in the direction of complete commitment to your path, you simultaneously move in the direction of radical honesty with yourself. And that means becoming honest with yourself about what you really do want. You say Yes to the real power that you have inside of you."

Zealous Living

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. The end result of a relentless pursuit and a transformed heart is a life of zealous for the advancement for God. He created me to accomplish. He created me to reach."

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think you can read my mind Nomz.

I'm in the middle of so many battles or what ifs - you have no idea! Work battles, life changes, marriage struggles and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes I wish someone could/would get inside of my brain and quickly 'solve it all for me and tell me what to do'. But I know that won't happen. Some days, I just want to run away from it all and start over too. New job, new life, new town.

But I continue on, daily, knowing that God is in complete control and will guide me where I need and should be guided.

I continue to LOVE, be HAPPY, show only POSITIVE emotions. No need to pull everyone into my spinning brain/decisions/emotions.

Thanks for this blog - I needed it!

Anonymous said...

When I feel this way is when i sit down, and I budget everything. I push myself that much harder to reach my goal because I know it's in my power to change being in debt.

As for friendships, they come and they go. It's just a part of life. Sometimes people need to let go of someone when there was really no relationship there anyways. It's always nice and refreshing to meet new people but once their mask falls off and you see the true them, sometimes it's hard to stomach.

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