Monday, August 9, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 8/9/10

Let the randomness begin!

*Today's date is special! It's EIGHT NINE TEN. And at 5:06:07, it'll be 5,6,7,8,9,10. Apparently, something that will never happen again, because the world will long be gone in 3010.

*Ever look at a relationship and go, "wtf"?! Wonder why they're together? Doesn't really matter...weird people need love too.

*Boxes are for moving. And for clubhouses. And potty training young children and puppies. That's what I learned today. OMG GUYS IM MOVING.

*Mostly, my stomach is really pissed off that I ordered a triple shot coffee this morning, and my body would prefer to remain tired. That sucks a lot.

*My baby, baby will be 4 on Wednesday, and I'll be in denial until that moment, kthxbai.

*Serenity is such a pretty word, isn't it? It's really no wonder it's becoming a popular baby-girl name. I wonder if they are serene? I wonder if you could name a little person "Shhhhhh".

*I love accessorizing. Always have. The new shoe fetish thing I've got though? That's new. WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE PUT THEM?! I'm out of closet space and I've only just begun!

*It's fantastic to be blond again...I was like, instantly 3 shades more tan.

*I love this song! And I'm not the only one. This video was released four days ago and already has 19 million views. It's full of anger, and pretty voices, and fire, and Megan Fox. Explicit? Yes.

*I also have a weird thing for Irish Ska music. Don't judge me.

*I've had the best summer I've ever had this year...simply amazing. It seems to go hand in hand with exhaustion though.

*Isn't my family awesome?!

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Glad you reminded me about how to count, because I never pay attention to 5,6,7, 8,9,10 etc. My mind can't slow down that much to realize cool stuff like that. And it is COOL!

And YES I'm excited you are moving! And YES I'm excited about your new hair do!

And the song? My new ring tone on my phone (like as of weeks ago!) and the lyrics are just awesome! I don't care what kind of music a person likes or dislikes - take some time and LISTEN to this song.

Happy Birthday to Leyna! Have a serene, peaceful and non-packing evening!

Sazaran said...

"weird people need love too" <--- best line ever!

Anonymous said...

The things that you forget when school is out! Thanks for the reminder of the date :) I had this group of girls last year that would try to add, sub, multiply and divide the date is anyway. Im sure their favorite this year will be 9-1-10. Because 9+1=10 and 10-1=9. See how much fun it could be?

O yes - I have had a Serenity and she wasn't very serene. I have a fun list of names for you : Phire (fire), Unique, Ocean (a boys name on my list this year) Unity, Americas...I could go on and on! Of course you all know of the neighborhood in which I teach :)

Love your family! And can't wait until those boxes start moving south! Let me know when you need help :) xoxo

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