Friday, August 6, 2010

♫ Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

So I made this goal at the beginning of the year. One of those New Year's Resolutions that I swore I would stick to...the kind of resolution that I stayed strong in for the first few months, and then let it fade to barely existing. That goal, was to be thankful for something...every single day.

Simple, right? Ha.
Not when life isn't always easy. It's not easy every day.. It's easy a lot. But not always.

I attempted a "Thank You, God" journal, and failed after two writings.

Then...I decided every night, I'd force my girls to be thankful for things in their prayers. Tricky, tricky me. Little did I know, that they'd force me to pray with them, and I'd be tricked in to coming up with something...even something non-creative-like, like "Dear Jesus, thank for cool air on a hot night." True story? If I don't say "Thank you Jesus for ___" at least three times in one prayer, I get yelled at.

And people think there isn't a God. Pssssh. He was listening to ME on New Year's Eve, people!

THEN, Thank you Danie (Seeeeee, I'm getting better at this thank-you stuff all the time!), I found this Facebook page. With marvelous little thank you notes almost every single day. Things that I wouldn't ever even think to be thankful for. Things to make me realize how much we really do take for granted! It's insane!

I've copied some of my favorites below.

Thank YOU Leah, for your brilliance, and your inspiration.

Find her website here: ThxThxThx

Like her on Facebook here: Facebook ThxThxThx

Be thankful...every day. Even the not-so-easy ones.

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Great reminder for all of us!

My resolution was to make someone's day, every day - whether with a smile or a hello to a stranger on the street, or to share positive thoughts, feelings or care with someone that is having a down day.

It's amazing what a small thing will do for THEIR day, as well as YOUR day!

Christene said...

Thanks for writing this blog!! I needed it!

reese said...

I never knew about this site! Thanks for bringing it to light. Think I might have to do some thank-yous to myself like that :)

Meg said...

What a great idea. I could definitely be more grateful on a daily basis. Maybe your should start a sub-blog called Daily Thanks or Grateful Daily!
I would read that everyday for sure!

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