Monday, April 5, 2010

♫ Random Monday 4-5-10

Holy Crap Monday is almost over! Anybody else miss most of it due to its speed of light-ness?

Random Monday really are my favorites. It's like a cleanse. Not always easy to write, read, or understand, but you feel better afterward, right?

*Friday night, I had all these plans to be a lazy bum. And then I got motivated to shoe shop (thank you, bad influence sister), then I got a text from a girl who can cook better than most crock pots for dinner, so we coupled dinner and BBQ'd. And? I rode in a tractor for the first time since last fall. I think. BBQ Season = Busy Season.

*Speaking of shopping! I found a monokini this weekend! I've been searching literally far and wide for one. I've tried on a few, all lacking in purpose due to the amount of skin they show off. This one though? Ahhhhhmazing. Plus? It gives me shape AND hides the stretch marks. I'm so excited to wear it! (Phoenix, baby!) Look at it! Lust. And you can find it here, in case you want to match: Monokini. I should have known I'd find perfection in a skater store.

*It made me really, really sad to see bum's on Easter. It's going to be a dangerous thing, me living closer to a big city. I'm going to want to invite them all in. Sigh. While out on a hot date with my hot guy to the cheesecake factory, I happened to come across one brave enough to ask for a laptop. I suppose with standards like that, spare change would be better than nothing!

*My insanely shoe obsessed sister has a blog. If you're similarly shoe obsessed, you should read it. Especially on Wednesdays. Or mostly on Wednesdays, because that's when she blogs for the most part. What can we say? She's passionate about Wednesday's. Or shoes. Click here: Frolicking Frenzy. How can one resist such an adorable title, right?

*Life is like a stack of Jenga Blocks. That's all I'm going to say for now. More to come. ;)

*Things I always have in my desk: deodorant, tea, cookies, orange clorox wipes. Ah the life of a cubicle girl.

*I snapped some adorable pictures this weekend that I promise to post soon. One of which, happens to be my oldest Easter Egg Hunting in the lovely Wyoming wind. Can you imagine a 4 year old in an adult sized pea coat, a Vikings beanie, and a dress holding a basket and walking sideways? That's my Easter in a nutshell. Only throw in amazing food and a great family, with a side dish of spoiled-nomz-gravy.

*I am blessed with the coolest girl friends around. I'm not really sure how I got lucky enough to literally be surrounded by an army of them, but I am. Tonight? Over-the-shoulder-bolder-holder shopping, (see blog and laugh your boobs off: Over the Shoulder Bolder Holder ), the rest of the week? Epic lunch dates, jogging partners, and quite possibly mall walking. We live loudly.

*How was your Easter? What was your favorite thing about your day?

*If you could fly to the moon, would you?

*Song with amazing lyrics:

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

I think I'd be scared to fly to the moon, but I'm very excited to see your 'thingy-kini' in person. Who knows? I made trade in a 'bikini' for that new fashion!

My Easter was wonderful. Full of food, family and fun!

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