Wednesday, April 28, 2010

♫ A New Frame of Mind

The Soulmate Experience "When someone has a different perspective from yours today, try dropping yours for a moment and finding something valuable in the other perspective."

Here’s the thing. When I look at my girls sometimes, I wonder if I’m a good mom. I’m not looking for handouts, I’m telling you that I have doubts. Like any other normal person. And usually when I start thinking that, I try to think of how I want them to grow up, what I want them to be like when they’re my age. And then I self reflect, and try to figure out how to better myself, for not only their sake but for my own.

So there I was last night, trying to judge myself before I judge others. Deciding, that I need a new perspective. That when I look in the mirror, I don’t like where I’ve been the last few weeks, and I’m going to turn my life in a different direction. Join me:

Got somebody that hurt you?
Me too.

Got a friend that isn’t being nearly the friend that they should be?
Me too.

Got a close friend or family member that isn't doing things exactly how you would do them?
Me too.

Got somebody in your life that goes over the top to impress you, instead of working on themselves?
Me too.

Got a boss or coworker that gets on your last nerve, daily?
Me too.

Got somebody who seems to be making their entire goal to ruin what’s left of you?
Me too.

My new goal: To take the people that hurt me most, annoy me most, irritate me the most, and put myself in their shoes. Realize, that maybe they’re doing it because they love me, miss me, want to be more like me…or maybe, just have such an inner battle going on with all of their own issues, that the only way to escape them, is to drive me up one wall and down the other. I will find a way, some way, to take the people that I dislike most…and love them more. Appreciate something about them. Or be thankful for something they’ve done.

Sometimes, you do have to move on. Sometimes, you do have to let people go. But try to make it a good ending on your end. Never burn a bridge you may want to cross again someday.

A pretty song…almost certain it is about losing somebody. I took the chorus as a personal conversation between me and God, but take it how you want:

Yours Truly,


Angi said...

My life's motto is "do not ascribe to malice that which can explained by stupidity."

Not saying people are stupid in an insulting way, but sometimes when they are affronting you it is because they don't KNOW how it is impacting you. People making the wrong decision often don't have the facts. It helps me be very forgiving of people.

Lover of your BLOG! said...

This blog needed to be written. Amazing job girl!

First of all, you are a wonderful mother to your girls! Keep up the good work. You will continue to grow and teach them the good, the bad and the ugly.

Your perspective is a strong one. A bold approach. Especially with all the mean, wanna-bees, get on your nerves daily peeps out there. Hang in there and I pray that it works for you.

I believe there is a quote out there that says 'Sometimes burning bridges is an excellent choice'. Just know when to do it...

Great blog!

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