Thursday, April 29, 2010

♫ Thankful Thursday: Yay for New Patterns!

I get completely geekdork excited about patterns. Like, I notice when tile goes Green, Blue, Green, Blue, Blue, Green, Blue, Green, and I love when my shampoo and conditioner and body wash make a trio, and then my shaving cream, face wash, and kid shampoo. I count the seconds between every single mile post marker, depending on how fast I'm going. I notice the patterns in the freckles on my hands...and the fact that I'm perfectly symmetrical, even freckle-wise!

So, to celebrate my love for patterns, and my "new frame of mind" we discussed yesterday, I'm starting Thankful Thursdays. Two reasons...because they both start with TH, and because we're Thankful on Thanksgiving with is always on a Thursday, which is a pattern of TH's.

Thankful Thursday: Chapter 1

*A great job.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or were anywhere near Parkway Pizza when I jumped up and down, then you know I had my review today. I came away completely challenged, encouraged, and raised...and couldn't be more thankful for a great job, and better boss.

*A great group of friends

I've shouted them out several times on this blog, but I want to say it again. Having a few bad experiences in the last year, I'm beyond grateful for the great friends in my life. The ones that create balance, the ones that make me laugh, the ones that sympathize with me even when I don't deserve it, and the ones that live to create words, blogs, closets, and inner jokes with me. They make me a better me.

*The Weather

Ok, honestly, I hate the weather this year. It hasn't been a rough year weather wise, but it's bipolar teasing attitude isn't appreciated. I do love that it's made things greener than I've seen it this early before, and I know this summer is bound to be great.

*My Family

My family doesn't come after the weather, that was not on purpose. FYI. My family is supportive. Makes mistakes. Loves me in spite of mine. Isn't perfect. Is mine all mine.

*My girls

My girls are actually first, before my job or anything else. I'd do anything for them. They continue to surprise the heck out of me with their brilliance. They're beautiful. If I am half the mom they think I am, life is perfection. My girls are my life, and always, always will come first.

*My passion

I was instilled with this strong passion to feel, and touch, and see, and be everything. I have a hard time settling on just one thing, because I want to do everything, take care of everybody, and get ahold of every single experience that comes my way. I get frustrated with this compulsive instinct...but it's taking me places while I'm not looking, I can feel it.

*My God

It's rare that you'll find me "preachy". It's rare that you'll find me in church these days. But you can bet that God and I talk daily, argue constantly, and love always. He's in charge people. Life's irony, isn't usually all that ironic. I thank Him for everything that has come my way, forget about Him when it's most important to lean, and have a terrible habit of putting him on the back burner. The thing is...He loves me anyway. I don't plan on trying to change the world with my beliefs, but I do plan believing. I'd rather believe in something then let the "big bang" get all the credit for the miracles in my life...including my freckles. <3

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Loving the 'Thankful Thursdays' now!

And I love you no matter what order your colors are in or how many freckles you have!!!

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