Tuesday, April 27, 2010

♫ Fans are better than likes.

Funny how you get on a roll about something with somebody, and it turns in to something completely different?

Question of the day: What is the point of just liking something on Facebook?

Reasons we came up with:

*It's laziness. It's easier to hit one button than it is to comment
*There's not enough substance in the photo/status/link/note to comment
*You want to see who comments and have a those little notifications tell you every time somebody does
*You want to make your mark. "I've been here, CHECK!"

Personally, I wouldn't mind at all if Facebook got rid of the "like" button altogether. If you're just zooming by, zoom. Or at least call it something cool like "High Five!" or "You're the smartest, coolest person ever for creating this status." Then again, you could just type that.

To clarify, I do LIKE stuff, sometimes. I'm not necessarily against it. I'm just curious where the value is, and why people do it.

On that note...Facebook, I preferred to be a fan. I don't like that I'm "liking" stuff now. I mean, look how cool fans are:

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

I think the 'LIKE' button is used way too much. I have 'friends' (not sure if I should call them that), that OVER-USE the 'LIKE' button.

ENOUGH 'Liking' everything of mine and yours and hers and his ALREADY!

I personally use the 'LIKE' button within reason and safely!

Sarah said...

I absolutely hate the fact that every time I 'like' something, my inbox gets flooded with everyone else's comments/likes on whoever's random status I liked. So I have stopped liking mostly. It's true that it is laziness - I mostly do it when I have nothing to add but want to show a general sort of approval, or I want to let someone know that I do remember they exist, but they've not really provided me with any real food for thought -- via Facebook, anyway.

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