Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♫ Hi God...

I'm here again.
In this place where I forget that the noise around me seems to require more attention than Your truth.
I forget so easily to be grateful for what you've given us.

The only way I can find peace in my life, is to stop fighting it.
The only way to see a good change in people, is to let change happen in me.
I need to stop judging and criticizing, and remember that that's your job.
I'm easily dizzied and frustrated with people's actions around me, and forget that I only have complete control over mine.
I've got to stop forgetting that it's easier to gripe, than it is to be thankful and open minded. Don't let this laziness continue.
It's hard to forgive others faults, and harder to forgive my own.
Help me accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I can.
Before correcting others actions, help me better mine.
Let me be the best parent I can be, instead of reproving others.
Help me remember that it's not the end that is important, but the entire journey.
Remind me that I cannot be in complete control; nor can I fix every person that comes my way.

Ah, one last thing. Please help me get over this flu. It's been like 15 years, and I seem to have forgotten the art of throwing up. ;)

Give me patience. Give me peace.

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Very beautiful prayer you have written.

It would be nice if more people read this prayer/blog on a daily basis and truly lived by it. (well other than the throwing up part!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks lady! This is just what I needed to read today!

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