Wednesday, April 7, 2010

♥Sorta Random, Not Really

I've been having these reoccurring dreams. Three, actually. And because I pretty much read in to everything, I'm wondering about these. Why they constantly pop up in my subconscious and what they could mean. They always play themselves out in the same way, every time.

The first is about a tornado. Or thirty. In the beginning I discover the angry twisters approaching and run around to warn everyone of impending doom. Then I begin to gather to myself everything that is precious to me (my son, books, my camera and inevitably the six new kittens that my cat just gave birth to) and seek shelter. The sucking feeling I get from this dream is so strong and usually stays with me long after waking. Usually, throughout the dream, I am praying fiercely for safety, dominion over the storm, or for protection. This last time? I was actually sucked straight up into the tornado. The dream ended there.

The adventurous dream begins with a ginormous mansion. If I were an artist I could draw you the double-winding staircases, the cherry wood banisters and the red carpeted entry-way. It is stunning, elegant, alluring. As I step onto the short platform (feeling very much like Alice), I pass through the double doors into a room containing a grand piano and gasp, in awe. I never play the piano. From there I move through a series of boobie-traps, puzzles, tests, if you will. Right now, the only obstacle I can remember is a room that I must allow to fill with water before I pull a hidden handle. Said water and I are emptied out of the room as we rush into another. This room has a closet of some sort, with a trap door. The trap door is my ultimate destination because beneath it lies a vivid world of color and talking plants and animals. This is where the dream ends. I swear, I don't do drugs. The other version of this dream is a bit more sinister. It takes place within the same mansion. However, the feeling I have as the dream begins is not one of "Ooooh, this adventure, again!". I know that I have been called to the house because I am needed. I face the entry way as usual; however, rather than seeking out my fantasy land, I know that I must ascend one of the staircases to the top floor. There, a room awaits me that harbors an evil spirit. This spirit is not a happy, Casper-like entity. Rather is it violent and ready for a fight. I feel as if the air has been sucked out of the room and a gag has been wrapped around my mouth. It is a struggle just to speak the name "Jesus" and I pray in tongues, fervently and with determination as I prepare myself for battle. It never takes place only because I usually wake myself, groping in the darkness for the light switch and trying to calm my racing heart.

The last one is of epic-love-filled-proportions. I always dream of the same man; one I have known for a while. The dreams are not new- I have dreamed them before. However, they left for a while and now they're back; in fact, I've had this dream every night for the past three nights. Sometimes we're just friends and even the prospect of friendship is thrilling. Sometimes, we're together (always in the same place) and always I am so so so happy and so in love. This one, though, hurts the most. Is it because I miss what I could have had? Or because I am healing and open to new love? Is it my subconscious working out it's feelings or just allowing me to look forward to feeling love, if only fictionally?

Before I open the floor to interpretation I want to say that I believe in the power of dreams. I also believe that cheese pizza before bed can create some wild scenes. So, I really don't think anything of either dream in a sense of a "sign". Dreams, are tricky, aren't they?

Also, I'd like for you to share your re-occurring dreams and see if we can provide our own thoughts on them. :)


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Dreams at nightime rarely (almost NEVER) come true. I do think they help us, guide us in our real daily 'awake' lives and in the decisions we make.

But your last dream...I'll pray it comes true. You deserve the happy, loving, secure-ness of the most wonderful man in the world. :)

Nomz said...

I dream about tornado's all the time. And since having kiddo's, my dreams have become more vivid, both good and bad. I have a few theories:

#1. You worry about EVERYTHING twice as much, at least. Because no matter what happens to you, you've got to involve another little person (or two).

#2. You dream about what you think about. The only way I've found to completely STOP my nightmares? Tell myself when I think about them during the day, that I don't have time to think about them. And it works!

#3. I think you are already envisioning yourself happy with somebody else (be it with somebody on the other side of the world or not), it's good to see that you've realized that you'll find that again! :)

Just my two cents...

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