Tuesday, April 13, 2010

♫ Men Will Be Men

Your attention please! Fine print: The picture above may or may not represent the average man. It was simply put there to capture your attention long enough to get you here to read something BY a man. TaDa!

You may have read my completely awesome post about how Girls Will Be Girls. It was mildly hilarious, totally entertaining, and 100% truth. Read it here if you'd like! Girls Will Be Girls.

That link should open a new window for you, so you can click right back to this one! Brilliant bloggers=we iz them.

One of our readers, a man I'm safely assuming, left a comment. And it rocked so hard I'm posting it as it's own blog. Little did you know, anonymous commenters, that you might be ghost blogs, eh?.

I'm still completely clueless who this was, but OH how I love thee.

Men Will be Men

*We love you, even when we forget to say it.
*We love sports, the outdoors, and bigger, more powerful (every) things.
*Having sex IS saying I love you.
*We forget. Every. Little. Thing.
*We like war, sports, blood & gore & action movies, and will never admit to crying at chick flicks.
*We will burp and fart at the most inopportune times.
*We'll always drive faster, better (in our own minds), to make up for the time waiting for you - even if we get lost getting there.
*We brag about you to our friends & co-workers, even if we forget to do it in front of you.
*We will forgive AND forget.
*We adore you.
*We'll protect you, and our babies.
*We can't live without you.
*We love you. Always. Forever.

I hope I can remember this tomorrow...

A man.


Lover of your BLOG! said...

You caught my attention...THANK YOU FOR THAT!

I did see this comment on one of your former blogs. I was quite pleased that a MAN took the time to write this entire comment and apparently is 'spot on' for most men.

Thanks for re-posting HIS comment!

Oh and thank you again for the MENU (blog eye catcher!) - I didn't ORDER, but would love to!

Sky said...

I loved your 'Girls' blog but this 'Men' one is icing!
We as sexes are so opposite and yet so complimentary!
It has to be that God made it that way!

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