Wednesday, March 31, 2010

♫ Girls Will Be Girls

Dear men...we are very reliable, predictable creatures, us girls. And there are certain things we promise you we will always do. Of course we come in different flavors, so each has their own extreme. But please carefully note the following:

*We’ll always have that one friend, or two, that drive you insane. And no matter how much of a frenemy they are, they’ll probably never go away.
*We’ll always be insanely insecure mid-fight. Like, we’re angry at you, but not angry enough to let you think about walking out that door, just in case Jenny McCarthy is waiting on the other side.
*We’ll always like chick-flicks, even if we don’t outwardly admit it.
*We’ll always be tired at the most inopportune times.
*We’ll always keep you waiting. Even the lowest maintenance girl you can find, is going to keep you waiting for an important event.
*We’ll always cry at the most inopportune times.
*We’ll always have that once a month celebration, until we don’t, and then you’ll miss it. Because we get more evil.
*We'll always be independent, and completely indecisive and dependent equally.
*We’ll always nag you. Babe…it’s Wednesday…did you remember?
*We’ll always remember. Everything. Every. Little. Thing.

On the bright side…

*We’ll always laugh at your jokes
*We’ll always make you look good in front of your friends, and especially your family
*We’ll always take care of you. And your babies.
*We’ll always appreciate you, even though we’re not always good at voicing it.
*We’ll always be your best friend, despite the friends in our lives.
*We’ll always be up for anything. Except when we have headaches.
*We’ll always forgive you. Even if we never forget
*We’ll always love you. Once a woman loves, she never lets go.

…because we’re girls. That’s why.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

I do believe that we need a 'boys will be boys' (or for that case, a 'men will be men'!) blog. Could you please start working on that? OK thanks!

Anonymous said...

Men Will be Men

*We love you, even when we forget to say it.
*We love sports, the outdoors, and bigger, more powerful (every) things.
*Having sex IS saying I love you.
*We forget. Every. Little. Thing.
*We like war, sports, blood & gore & action movies, and will never admit to crying at chick flicks.
*We will burp and fart at the most inopportune times.
*We'll always drive faster, better (in our own minds), to make up for the time waiting for you - even if we get lost getting there.
*We brag about you to our friends & co-workers, even if we forget to do it in front of you.
*We will forgive AND forget.
*We adore you.
*We'll protect you, and our babies.
*We can't live without you.
*We love you. Always. Forever.

I hope I can remember this tomorrow...

A man.

Breezy said...

Humm... I'm a thinking I like this guy right here ^

Sarah said...

I love the fact that you said, "and once it's gone you'll miss it."

I live in fear of becoming even more evil post-menopausal. I'm bad enough as it is now. o_O

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