Monday, March 29, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 3/29/10

…Because what would a Monday be without randomness?

*I’ve got quite the Monday tradition going. First, I say goodbye to my guy in the mornings…and make the choice to continue this long distance thing. It’s getting soooo old. But I love having someone to miss! ♥ THEN, I come to work, then I eat with my favorite girls: Girl Lunch Monday, then I work some more, then I blog. Random Mondays. So…here we are.

*I got my girls a new toy box this weekend. It’s pink and green, and can hold up to 120 pounds. Which tells me that the people that designed it, had a kid in mind. Because you know the toys are going to get dumped out, and the kid is going to create the best hiding place ever in it. It also created a buzz about cleaning their room, which was heavenly. After we were done, my youngest frolicked off (literally), and said: Mamma, thank you so much! My room is so excited to be clean!. She’s definitely my kid.

*I posted this on Twitter…and I’m reiterating it for those that don’t hang out on that side of the internet’s: “I suppose if somebody is good at stirring the pot, you've got to learn not to hand them the spoon...”. If you read my blog, my Facebook, or my Twitter for the mere fact of using it against me, I’m taking away your spoon. You’re grounded.

*It’s supposed to be spring-like weather, all the way until Thursday night. I can handle that. Of course, sky, when you give me a snow-filled weekend, I’ll be back to shaking my fist at you…and making it Facebook official that I don’t appreciate your choices.

*I plan on getting alone time tonight. Let me rephrase that: I am savoring alone time tonight. Probably something flavored like pillowcase shopping. I live LOUDLY people.

*We all need help sometimes. Every single one of us. But I’m really frustrated with people that aren’t self sufficient. Of course I take that to the extreme by hating asking for help ever…but when you thrive off of every other person and never rely on your own two feet, especially by the almost 30 age…it’s time to grow a pair. Of wings. Or balls. Or whatever.

*I’m struggling with a diet. I just can’t help it when people lure me in with Butter Burgers, Icecream, Chinese Food, and French Fries. At least you can’t call me racist.

*I am a people person. And I love it. But Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, puts me to shame. I want to be that bold every single day. I’m going to work on that.

*Go see How to Train Your Dragon. It’s the cutest movie I’ve seen in a long time. And my girls (under the age of 5) both loved it.


#1. She’s a tractor mechanic in the making.

#2. She’s still debating it.


"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."

Song: Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home

Question of the Day:

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

No matter how old you get, ask for help. Some of us LIVE to be needed by others!

Yes I believe in the Easter Bunny!

Anonymous said...

The Easter Bunny ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

I AM the Easter bunny!

Anonymous said...

To say the least some never will learn to be on there own and there for it is up to the ones around said person to decied if you want to contunie being enabler or tell said person to sink or swim. Tuff descion for anyone. But I am sure most of us have been around someone like that at one time or any other. Spring cleaning NOT my thing, but then again when you have a mini tornado that goes through the house daily you learn to get over it and clean when holidays come around or you pull your hair out one at a time.
As far as easter bunny sure he is out there some were.
And as far as your inner strugle to keep your relationship long distance you will know when the time is right to move south. :)

Sazaran said...

Best line yet: "it’s time to grow a pair. Of wings. Or balls. Or whatever."

Heck.yes. :)

Meg said...

lol. i love your monday randomness.
For the record I used to love the Easter Bunny. Now that I am a Mom I loathe the fact that it means more small toys that will be scattered around the house! :)

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