Tuesday, March 30, 2010

♥Miscellaneous Stuffs

~ I've spent a lot of time this past week thumbing through the memories I have kept safe in my brain. It's the most fun, just giggling over past inside jokes, experiences and epic adventures. Seeing who I was then, who I've become and wondering where this current adventure will take me truly makes it easier to see the silver lining.

~ This just in: the most annoying kid's shows, which will make your eye twitch compulsively, are: Barney; he has bewitching powers, I just know it. The Wiggles; the whole fake gunslinger act? *twitch*. Martha Speaks; the whole idea is pretty cool, badly executed, though. Soon-to-be-first-time-parents, beware! COOL kid's shows are: Sesame Street: you can never beat classic, people! Yo Gabba Gabba: "Listening and dancing to music IS AWESOME!" and Jack Black is the besssst. Lazy Town: I just love the music they play!

~ It's apparent you're a parent when you talk in third person, even when without Facebook status updates.

~ Ponder this: A day without sunshine is like night. He who laughs last, thinks slowest. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines. Okay, so whats the speed of dark? <--- this was brought to you by my favorite newspaper article, Misc. II

~ I've got teh spreeng feverz (and it has nothing to do with cleaning, thank God). Symptoms are as follows: glancing at every tree to see any sign of budding, breaking out the flip flops, desire for lighter hair color, and last but not least, cute little bird's nest rings! Yes, yes I made it all on my own. :)

~ Last night, I bought a movie for Malachi: Milo & Otis. But, after watching only half of it, I'm beginning to wonder if it was the right decision. Is the rumor of animals being hurt or killed during the filming true??! Because it very well could be and I don't want my boy to be wrought with distress over the well-being of the fuzzy little friends..... okay, okay, this is all about my fear. Anyone know?!

~ If you haven't read the blog and watched the video Nomz posted, 25 Facebook things... Effin' Facebook, I suggest you do! It's hilarious.

~ Easter is coming up and I want to make a cutesie little basket for Mal. What do you think, is 2 too young to appreciate one? As far as my upbringing goes (and what I plan on teaching Mal), the Easter Bunny is not apart of the holiday. Instead, we focus on the Resurrection and God's mercy through Christ's sacrifice. However, it's absolutely FUN to hunt for eggs (man, oh man, I wish they had epic egg hunts for adults!!), gorge yourself on chocolate and peeps and wear pretty new dresses. As long as the main reason for the season is not lost on material things.

~ I've just begun the seventh Harry Potter book. Why can't they keeeep goiiiiing?! I'm not ready to end the adventure.


Nomz said...

#1. You're inspiring me, finally, to read Harry Potter. Do you have them?

#2. Easter Baskets. I'm doing them for the girls, and BUILDING them for the first time ever. Wanna make a trip to Michael's with me and put yours together too? You could put lots of stuff in there he'll appreciate. Like balls.

#3. Milo and Otis was one of my favorites when I was little! Pretend you didn't read that about it, and continue to enjoy it. Besides, I bet a lot of humans get hurt in Shamalan's films and we still love him, right? ;)

Love your face!

Anonymous said...

I LOATHE that stupid talking dog. Whoever fed that dog the letter soup should... i don't know... be forced to do something painful and awful!

Sazaran said...

Nomz, YES! I have the books. You can borrow them *waves hand in giant air arch* anytime!

I WILL go to Michaels with you!! Also, I think we should hit up Wally, because, I can't torture myself enough.

Meg, brilliant idea!

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