Monday, March 22, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 3-22-10

Oddly enough, I am having a heckova time waiting to write this blog today. I have so many random things that MUST GET OUT before my day can move along any further. Random Monday’s are my favorite!

*I’m seriously debating finding a way to ride a horse this week. I miss it something fierce. My mom getting a new pretty horse isn’t helping matters either, and regardless of a saddle being involved or not, me and my skater shoes are paying a visit to the smell of him.

*The more I’m in this smallish Wyoming town (town omitted to protect my privacy, please don’t post where I live in the comments), the more I don’t want to be anymore. It’s like Spring Fever, but change-flavored.

*It makes me sad, in a way, to see all the malls emptying out. All the stores going dark. And then I realize all the strip malls are booming…with their doors facing the sunshine, and their sidewalks begging you to enjoy the courtyards as well as the shopping. It’s a good change people.

*Obama’s health care plan. I can tell you that a blog is coming. Because Sazaran is fairly political, and because I think we need to open some eyes on it, and because I’m not completely for sure what the big deal is. Research to come. What I DO know, is that a lot of the posts I’m seeing on Facebook and Twitter are about Mister Obama himself, who hasn’t even signed off on the health plan yet last I heard. Please people, just because I think it’s possible he will be the antichrists secretary (haha) someday, doesn’t mean that every choice he makes is going to put us in hell. Try to remain optimistic and do your research before assuming the worst.

*Anxiety is an odd form of beast. Some days you’re on top of the world, other times you feel like hiding from it. Try to remember the first feeling when you feel the second coming on. Hi self? Pay attention to your own brilliance.

*I’m reminded constantly how lucky I am to have the guy that I do. Constantly. They don’t make’m like that anymore. Willing to try anything once, willing to go anywhere to appease me, and willing to cook dinner and help with dishes? ”If you can make a girl smile, you can make her do anything. Ah Marilyn, you’re so right. And he can. Did I mention we’ve been together over a year and still have that spark? They don’t make’m like this anymore.

And, for the record, joining Facebook was alllllll his idea.

*I read in Cosmo last week that coffee, if drank before you have something to eat in the morning, dries out your skin. It was a serious aaahhh ha! moment. IF you drink coffee, eat a small breakfast first…or it will eat your skin. Lesson learned.

Pictures, Quote, Song…all reminders of my week:

The two adorable faces on the right are mine, the one on the left might be someday. I’m debating stealing her for good.

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."

Admit it, you wanna sing along!

*I’m stealing a Question of the Day idea from a brilliant girl on Facebook (Hiiiii Nikki!), and every time I do a Random Monday post, I’m asking you a question. I expect an answer people.

Question: Do you ever bite your toenails?

Yours Truly,

4 comments: said...

We were warped... "I want to push you off of the mountain; I want to drown you in the sea..."

That tidbit about coffee totally freaks me out! What do you think is in there that wants to suck out our hydration?

Lover of your BLOG! said...

How funny! I've NEVER drank coffee on an empty stomach - hmmmm. Maybe I'm just worried I'll get to 'hyper' from the caffeine without something to soak it up!

Hold on to that man! Glad he is taking care of you!

Breezy said...

I get that same "Ok, this town was cool, but I need to leave now" feeling. Especially now. Wanna trade???

Anonymous said...

Coffee is a natural diruetic. It will pull the fluid out of your system regardless. :)

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