Friday, March 5, 2010

♥ A few little discoveries

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That banana/honey mask I mentioned? I tried it today. It was interesting... I mashed up half a banana (which moisturizes), mixed in a tablespoon (give or take) of honey (which exfoliates) and smeared it all over my face. A little fact here: there are two kinds of exfoliators, apparently. One that literally scrapes the dead skin off (scrubs like St. Ives Apricot) and the other gently breaks down the junk and allows you to wash it off. The former isn't so nice to skin- especially any scrub that uses seeds which are generally ground into small, sharp pellets that cut and scrape skin. It's a vicious circle. Anyway, back to my point. This banana/honey exfoliant mask is STICKY. Oh man. Towards the end of the ten minutes, I could feel my eye lids sticking together. Mal wouldn't come near me. :) Also? It smelled a little funky, but I got past that. When I washed it off, the little specks of dry skin that I had been battling were gone! I'd recommend it to a friend.

Speaking of skin and secrets of care- my friend, Stevie has offered to guest blog for us on what she learned in school and how we can take care of our faces. Stay tuned...!

If you ever wake up with an immediate chocolate craving like I do, you'll be keen on sampling the chocolate peanut butter fudge from... well, any chocolate store, I'd imagine. It's divine, to say the least.

Frugal Girls- they're on Facebook and post new coupons for major discounts or free stuff. Everyday, all day. Like today? I got a free bag of Sunchips. I love 'em!

The Dark Cherry Mocha at Starbucks. I'm not a fan of cherry and chocolate, but Nomz has fallen in love with said sweet delight. True story.

Amazon. Okay, not a discovery, really. But, the things I've discovered on that amazing site? Awesome! Like, a journal (which is on it's way) that I can wreck! And the coolest.monokini.ever (and I though my bathingsuit days were over. Psh).

Jack Johnson and Curious George: this is all Mal's doing. Not a usual pair and certainly not one I'd go out of my way looking for, but their video is awesome:


Nomz said...

My texture twitch is going off like MAD on your honey mask. Like, I don't even think I could watch YOU do it. ;)

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