Wednesday, July 21, 2010

♥ A Tuesday on a Wednesday

I once knew a girl named Tuesday. No joke. And another one named January. <--- This was supposed to be posted yesterday.

Because of a certain few friends who can haz the pumpkin craze already, I've begun to look into what the Fall fashion trends might hold for us. They're bringin' masculine back and it seems that we're in for military influences and lot of fur... fake fur, people, don't get all panicky; here are a few pictures that I liked:

* Fuuurrrr

* Tall Boots, we still love 'em

* Heavy Textures

* Military (I actually kinda like this...)

SO, tell me... would any of you rock these looks?

You know, there's an issue that has been sitting on my shoulder, whispering little nuggets of wisdom into my ear every now and then. Honesty. How does this thing work? I know it's all-important and vital for us in regards to one another, but how do we balance it? When a friend's new hair color is just not right, do we tell her that she looks beautiful anyway? Or do we exercise honesty and suggest something better? If you feel that someone is or might hurt you (either unintentionally or not) do you approach that friend with honesty and express how you feel? It's a fine line that needs to be walked, I think. But it needs to be walked. Dishonesty, like ice in cracks, will cause tiny little fissures to split into gaping gorges that cannot be filled easily. Dishonesty, entwined with misunderstanding, can be a mine field for any friendship. One little slip and everything explodes. Just sayin'.

I watched the season premier of If You Really Knew Me, last night. It was so inspiring and moving. Really, I'm not a fan or supporter of MTV but I think they got it right with this one. A group of adults (life-coaches? counselors?) visit schools and have a Challenge Day where they make all the students get over their prejudices and cliques and really find out who each other really are. They get into small groups and each tell part of their story, beginning with "If you really knew me, you'd know that..." I cried, yes I did.


Anonymous said...

Honesty is the best policy. Always.

bbuss said...

i cried through the whole thing, too. The episode they had on Tuesday looked TAME compared to the previews, though!

Anonymous said...

I would rock the furrrrr! And the tall boots if my legs would actually fit in them.

I think if a friend got a bad hair color I would be honest with her. Just say hey, I love ya and I just want you to know you may want to get your money back. :) If a friend gets butt hurt because you have been honest then who needs friends like that anyways eh?

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