Wednesday, July 7, 2010

♫ Random Monday...sort of

*It's strangely harder to take vacation, than it is to stick to routine and work. So while we desire vacation, a "staycation" should also be planned yearly.

*I have the most amazing friends. And, they're spread in all different directions, living completely hectic lives of their own, and still find time for little ol' me. *iz blessed*

*My girls are going to look fantastic in tutu's. For realz.

*I love Brandon. I've said it 100 times on this blog now probably, but my goodness my cup runneth over.

*I'm stressed, and handling it more gracefully than normal. Why thank you, awesome group of supporters that adore chikin, vacation, and picture ops.

*I've been to Vegas, Cody WY (and every small town in between here and there), Colorado, and soon to be Boston. All within four weeks.

*I can't wait to paint. And the girls are pretty stoked to hold brushes too. I figure I'll only have to do everything from my waist up since they'll cover everything in their reach. I'm dreaming, aren't I?

*I've been blogging fail. Please see two paragraphs above for reasoning.

*My kids are amazing. Their knee-slapping ab-killing giggles are completely contagious, and I can't get enough of their ability to make people smile. Even their toddler fits are adorable...I'm sure every mom thinks that though, right?

*I lived through my first 5K, ohemgeeeeee! Yes, I said "first" like I'm running another one. I might. ;)

*We need ghost bloggers, people! Email us! we'll promise to attempt to make your werdz famous!

*That's all. Because you're getting pictures of my latest adventures instead of more rambling. Love you! ...but I don't love you enough to share pictures of my kids on my blog. Sometimes I'm weird about that.

Is it Wednesday?! BUT HOW?!

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Great blog and fun pictures!

You may be stressed, but I think it's called more like multi-tasking!

I love your summer so far! Live it, travel it, keep it crazy and busy and no matter what, hold on to that man, hug those girls and cherish your wonderful friends!

Holly said...

I am so glad to see you are still blogging! I have been busy with the baby and was off twitter for some time. Got back on tonight and found the link to your blog. I posted one myself for the first time in a while.

I really understand stress--good for you for taking a vacation!

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