Monday, July 19, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 7/19/10

This Random Monday will probably be hard to follow, hang in there.

*Dear Self...please write this down somewhere, read it every day, and remember it when you get frustrated with other people not following your perfect advice.

Each of us is on our own path and we all learn differently. Because of this it is important to not interfere with another’s path of growth. Learn to release the desire for control over others and instead enrich their lives as we enrich our own.

*I have three goals by the end of the year:

-Mend bridges
-Look in to going back to school by Spring of 2011
-Start and maintain a savings account

*Sometimes, I get really frustrated with excuses. And I assume that it's personal. Whether it's an excuse or truth, I need to realize that the problem is yours...not mine.

*I've got some people in my life that are broken records. They have such repetitive behavior that it's completely predictable and irritating. Once again...self...remember, it's their problem, not yours. Stop letting it get to you.

*I've realized that life is too short not to seize every opportunity. You hear this over and over, but until you have have no idea what that means. CarpeDiem!

*Sometimes, a girl just needs a glass of wine. And that's ok.

*Optimism isn't genetic. It's not a learned behavior. It's a choice. It's never ever wrong to look at the bright side of things.

*Books are an escape. It's amazing the things you can learn from Mr Potter, Mr Cullen, Mr Poe, and Ms Gilbert. The list goes on and on, it's endless; never stop reading.

*My life is lyrics.

*I adore my patient friends. The ones that realize I have issues, I make mistakes, I am a work in progress, I get weak at times, I make bad choices...and that if you can handle that, I'm an ok person.

*Change makes me alive from the inside out.

*I can't wait for the pictures to be developed that were taken this weekend. Just you wait! They're going to be epic, amazing, stunning, and all things mush. <3

*I'm so stoked to escape to Boston with my daddy! It's been far too long since our heart-to-hearts, our adventures, and our ability to relate like only a daddy-daughter combo can.

*I love the feeling of hard work. The sore muscles, the satisfying feeling from head to toe that you accomplished something. I miss that. Dear cubicle, I hate you.

*I'm in awe at how many times I can fall in love over and over with the same people in my life.

*A song that has had me deep in thought for days...

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

One of your best 'Random Mondays' ever!

You were correct - this blog is very deep and sure makes me re-think a few things. I'm the type of person that wants to help/fix/constantly watch over every friend and family member. I listen to their life decisions, mistakes or what have you - and take them deep into myself and then start worrying and wanting to help them, fix them and 'make it all better'.

Your blog has reminded me to take a step back. You are correct - 'it's their problem and not mine' (hell, I have enough of my own problems!).

Love your song...and a glass of wine from time to time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your daddy-daughter time in Boston! So very special that you two get those days together, without the rest of the world interrupting.

Put down those phones, put away the computers, get a glass of something good to drink and just visit. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Love your blog. You have expressed everything that I'm feeling at the moment. I'm in turn taking a huge step back with a few people. It's a breath of fresh air to finally realize I can't fix everything. Your awesome, just so you know!! I enjoy your Monday blogs every week! Love you tons.


Anonymous said...

Naomi, (a.k.a. My Pal, my first born, my beautiful incredible daughter, and mother of my adorable, indescribable granddaughters),

I am so proud of you, I love you so much, and I am looking forward to our time together.

Your Daddy

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