Monday, July 12, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 7/12/10

A random Monday on a Monday! Holy crap!

*I have an intern! Well, technically, STP has an intern, and I just get the opportunity to get to know her really well. She gets to work 8 different jobs, one week at a time, over the summer as part of the guessed it! OneWeekOneJob program! Check her out here: Kieley

*I had an amazing weekend. One filled with good conversations, love love love, covering up insane amounts of Facebook-Blue paint, and Home Depot trips. Plus, hi, only certain people can get away with wandering around Costco for an hour covered in paint. And we did. I am so lucky to have these people around to make the blue go away and make home feel like, well, home! For the first time in years, I spent an entire weekend covered in grime, feeling sore from hard work, make-up free, and still being called beautiful. Le Sigh. Plus, my girls got to paint in their underwear (epic pictures will come, I tell you.)!

*I'm so tired of money being the root of all evil. Can whoever say that please come up with something else and make that go away?

*I twittered something, and now I'm sharing it again. Tweaked just a bit:

"I just want honesty, straight up and on the rocks...served to my favorite drinks."

*I love prayer time at night when I put my girls to bed. It's my favorite thing about every day. And always has been. When Kyanne first started praying, one of her first prayers was for her friend who was too sick for her to play with, and she was praying for healing. It went like this: "...and thank you for Tig and help him be sick." She's always been short and to the point, and continues to be so. Leyna, on the other hand, prefers to go through every single person she knows, is thankful for all of them, and prays against bad dreams every night. Prayer time went from 30 seconds, to a good 10 minutes. Prime examples, that prayer can be done a million different ways, and it's always right.

*Gain laundry detergent is my new favorite smell. Both for laundry, and removing paint from everything. Yay for brilliance and the power of Gain!

*I love being a mom.

*I have amazing friends. I'm so lucky, the first picture is in the shape of a four leaf clover. Yeah, beat that.

*I've got a family that I'm not grateful enough for, and just noticed that we need new pictures of. *Family, prepare to be stalkerazzi'd*
*I freaking love this song!

Yours Truly,


Sara said...

Hey me too Lady!!! Long tough weekend but oooooh so good!!! Saturday morning loaded 220 fenceposts, rolls of smooth wire and 8 big corner posts... Sunday morning, waiting for a battery in the truck to get fixed up before picking up the rest of what we couldn't get on Saturday am... 14 rolls of sheep fence. Seems my summer will be full of putting up fence and digging post holes to fence 35acres... So we can stick livestock on there at some point.

Didn't realize how much I missed that dirty hard outside work that makes your hands bleed but fills your heart up with all sorts of happy. *sigh*

Cindy said...

The weekend of hard work was a great weekend. I feel truley greatful that I am part of this great family that is slowly putting the pieces together and becomeing whole. Iam truley a lucky mom to know my son is so in love with a truley wonderful women and two special girls. You have not only won my sons heart but Darrells and I too. Money well it is what we make of it. Sometimes you just need to open up your mind and let it work it self out. Promise it always does. And yes we rocked Costco paint and all. The feeling of soreness and tieredness was soooooo worth the happiness of knowing we are helping make your new home "HOME".
I love you and your girls.

Anonymous said...

I love your honesty quote. Honesty is such an important part of everything, everyone and every situation. Great pictures!

Sarah said...

I love the word "stalkerazzi" and I love the fact that you verbed it. Brills!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, you were horribly allergic to Gain detergent when you were little. You broke out in hives all over your little body. It happened with Tide and Cheer as well. Hmmmmm...the things only a mother knows!

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