Tuesday, June 1, 2010

♫ Random Monday 5-31-10

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. And it's actually June 1st, not May 31st. But I'm in denial about both. My body refuses to admit that it's Tuesday...but more a morphed version of both days. Today...is MonTueDay. And June...you're actually quite welcome to take your time passing, I'm in no hurry for this summer to be over.

*First and foremost, I'd like to wish Iced Tea a Happy Birthday! Seriously, even if this article says that you haven't aged well...my life wouldn't be complete without you. Happy Birthday Tea!

*Speaking of birthdays...Brandon turned half-way-to-50 this weekend. And we celebrated. All weekend long. And he actually only tried to run away once, and he's got the bruises to prove it (Thank you, Awesome-Cody!)!

*I rediscovered the smell of a good bonfire this weekend. It's been weeks. Which, you know, is forever in bonfire time.

*I realized that the group of people in our lives is full of wonderful, and magic, and hilarity, and rarity, and by not recognizing it often enough, I am selling them short.

*Did you know that Good Times and Chipotle are the two best fast food places to eat if you're conscious about the type of meat you consume? They use organic meat only! And? Chipotle's new commercials rock. I can't find them on Google at the moment, but keep an ear out for them as they thank the Farmer's and local growers for their ingredients.

*I cleaned harder this weekend than I think ever. In my life. Thank everything for Brandon's mom and grandma...otherwise it probably wouldn't have gotten done. Cobwebs, dirty windowsills and and scary fridge=be gone!

*I have this strange urge to run home and throw away anything that I haven't needed to use in two years. I'm so tired of clutter. Hoarders, I blame you.

*In the Westminster, Aurora, or Winter Park, CO area? Make sure you stop by the Cheeky Monk for a taste of Belgium! Their food is amazing, and their beers are somewhat rare in this part of the country. The service was astounding, and their prices reasonable. Plus, it was all accompanied by a dark atmosphere and candlelight.

*I love my girls. I love my girls for breaking my heart and putting it all back together within five minutes this morning. Mostly, I died from their cuteness this morning.

Example 1: Leyna started crying when she saw me because she had a dream that I was on fire, and was relieved when I wasn't. I held her SO tight and realized in an instant how much I loved her.

Example 2: Kyanne's ability to sleep anywhere. Including wrapped in a blanket, with my sunglasses, seatbelted upright:

*I love feeling protected, taken care of, adored, and spoiled all by the same person. Odd how it always happens when you least expect it.

*I'm overwhelmed that Kyanne will be 5 this week.

*I feel like I left home behind this morning.

*I need more coffee.

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Hold those little girls tight. Love them hard. And...forgive easily. They are only young once.


Anonymous said...

Well pretty lady, your so very welcome for the help cleaning. I cant wait to tackle the painting next. I also love the last sentaince about feeling like you left home this am. :) smiles all around.
My heart goes out to Ms. Kyanne, she is a secsitve soul.
Love to you all

Anonymous said...

LOL. You you did post about Iced Tea on the same day i did. Too funny.

I love those sun glasses on your little girl. So cute.

Don't you just love moments when your child needs you, you feel like a mom and then you fall in love all over again?!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I am in purging mode too. If we lived closer, I would say lets do a garage sale together!

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