Wednesday, June 9, 2010

♫ You know you're a mom when...

Originally, I was going to write this from a single mom's standpoint. And then I realized that I make the same sacrifices regardless of how much support I have in my life. So, all you mama's!

You Know You're a Mom When:

*You'd rather read them Dr. Seuss or Mercer Mayer over and over before divulging in your Twilight saga.

*You're always full prepared to bust out the ninja pants and bust a cap in somebody if they look at your child wrong, speak to your child harshly, or talk poorly about them regardless of their behavior.

*You'll lose hours of sleep, go to bed late, get up early, wake to their cries, but by God if a grown adult disturbs you when you're finally getting rest you are prepared to pounce.

*You never stop being amazed at the little things. "Awww you've been potty trained for two years but you STILL do it right, yayyyyyyy!

*You miss when they woke you up every two hours, and now that they sleep peacefully, you check on them every time you wake anyway, just to make sure they're still breathing.

*You dream about them more than anything else.

*You can't wait to get a break from them, but miss them so fiercely you're almost miserable when they're gone.

*You notice other kid's behavior and constantly compare them to your own kids. Of course, yours are better, and you won't dare let anybody tell you otherwise.

*You've counted the bites on your kid's plate so much that you've started counting your own before you're done.

*You're tired at 9pm.

*You involuntarily turn any and all music down in the car, even when they're not with you.

*Macaroni, peanut butter, and jelly become a regular food group; a staple in your cabinet.

*If you're a single parent...your ex never does it as well as you do. You're the best parent. Duh. And their current choice of mate will always be evil.

*You plot out ways to help your child escape if the current structure you're in were to spontaneously combust in to flames.

*You not only avoid sharing water with pregnant women, but eye contact. Because if it's in the water, it's definitely in the contact of eyes.

*You discover that it's the one and only bulletproof love in your life, and you're willing to risk every other person and thing for them.

What have I missed?

Yours Truly,


Alicia Woolington said...

The feeling you get when you watch them walk into the school all by themselves, after days of peeling them of your leg and running for the door! The bursting at the seems pride and a little sadness, because your baby has become even more independent!

Andrea said...

WOW Naomi, you nailed it! Oh and Alicia, great point as well! Thanks Naomi! I needed that after my crazy busy day that was already bittersweet as my little baby turns three today. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I have a whole book called "what it means to be a mom" Love it and read it daily, love this blog maybe my favorite one you have done.

Anonymous said...

The constant "Mom" "Mom" "Mom" only for them to turn around and say "Love You".

Meg said...

LOL. I totaly get plotting an escape route! Everytime I drive over a bridge with water under it I plan out what I would do if the worst happened!

I love the pic of you and your girls. So sweet.

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