Wednesday, June 2, 2010

♫ The Gaga Movement

I got in to quite the discussion about Lady Gaga with a close friend of mine today. Enough interesting points were made that I thought I'd blog them.

LOVE her wardrobe, love her edge, love her voice. I love that she’s an individual and absolutely proud of it.

I think she's got what it takes to grab the public by the ears and make them pay attention, in a good way. She's got a unique sound, a good beat, and she's an original.

That being said, I hate that she’s public about her drug use, hate that she’s obscene as often as possible, hate that she flaunts her naked self on her videos, and hate that she’s not realizing the impression that she could have on a younger generation.

I’ll refuse to let my girls watch her. And it terrifies me that the younger teenage generation are falling in love with her and trying to be more like her.

The girl has talent, but it's meant for a mature audience.

Confession: I loved her music when her album came out. My girls know Poker Face by heart. I would steal her wardrobe and her great danes in an instant. The second I watched Telephone, (If you click that link, it will take you to the video. And be cautioned, there is some explicit material that is not safe for work, or eyes under the age of 18.)

...I stopped listening to her music. Honestly, I think it has gone downhill since her first album. I've realized that if I am going to follow my own rule, and try to live in a manner that I want my daughters to live...I've got to stop watching and listening to things that I'm going to prohibit in my home.

Love Gaga? I'm not going to judge you, because I secretly still do. But ask yourself next time you listen to her, or anything,...if you had a daughter, would you want her following in those steps?

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Andrea said...

I agree that I don't want my girls to EVER watch Lady Gaga. I hate that my step daughter (who is 13) seems to be in love with her. I don't think she is a good role model at all. I have vowed to hate her music although the other day I did find myself enjoying a song until I realized it was her and then had to tell myself to hate it (even though I was enjoying it).

I am hoping she can make do a positive thing with bringing to light the fact she has Lupus and bring some awareness to the disease. Like MS it can be a 'silent' disease that people dismiss too easily. My wonderful fiance' suffers from this disease and it doesn't get taken seriously by his own family much less anyone around him so it would be nice for a celebrity to put some focus on how serious this disease is and can be. Just sayin'.

KatOfDiamonds said...

this is kinda along the lines of babies, okay kids, with cell phones.. 8 to 15 yr olds don't need interwebs and texting and Twitter but once I'm a mom am I really going to be okay with sending my kids off into this world by themselves...

it is really hard to live a 'simple life' in the modern age and at the same time i LOVE the internet and sharing my life with friends and strangers, but where does the line get drawn?

as far as Gaga and sexuality, I plan on having an open dialouge with my future kids, one that is honest and 'mature'... & yet it is easy to argue that there is a long list of musical artists that won't be on my TV until this discussion has been had.

KatOfDiamonds said...

ex. I cannot stand the hypocritical crap that is the Miley/Hannah Disney conglomerate.

To me Miley is worse than Gaga. Because Gaga is in her late 20s? Miley is AIMED at kids...

Sarah said...

I feel like I've been shoehorned into thinking about Lady Gaga more than I'd like simply because everyone has very polarizing opinions on her. If only I had been following her music/image/career from the beginning, I could make a more informed impression! Is she like the Britney Spears of the younger generation of teens? Is her music really good? I don't even think I've heard any of it. Oh woe is me, completely unschooled in the ways of pop culture!

Anonymous said...

I love lady gaga. I could only wish to have her talent. She does what she has to sell her records. We all know sex sells, thats just how it is now a days. We as a society have let it get to that. I thinks she rocks. As for the lupus thing I thought she said she doesn't have it?... Or maybe I heard her wrong. Anyhow thats my input. She is everything a girl would want to be, rich, famous, pretty, and has a great voice.

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