Friday, June 11, 2010

♫ 50 things you can enjoy every day!

My advice? Print this out, make your own list & print it out. Just find something, or 50 things, to be grateful for every day. Life's too short to lose track of the good amidst the bad.

50. Technology. Making our jobs easier; our music playable anywhere.
49. The weather. Even when the clouds are angry, they're amazing to look at. Big bang, psh.
48. All 5 senses. Can you imagine how boring food would be if we only had 1? Or imagine losing just one, and living without it.
47. Cars. Because can you imagine your commute if you had to saddle a horse every day?
46. Mirrors. Who thought to put glass with black paper to make it reflect? ...they always tell us the truth. Always.
45. Our country, and the men fighting for it. We easily forget how much harder life could be, just by traveling a few thousand miles in any direction.
44. Friends. The kind that are there for good, the bad, the ugly.
43. Advice. Whether you take it or not...listen to it. Trust it. Especially if it comes from #44.
42. Caffeine. Monday's? Impossible without it.
41. Animals. Sometimes, without words, they make life completely bearable in it's lowest points.
40. The opportunity to go against the grain!
39. Right to religion. Any that you choose. Without a single person throwing you in jail or killing you for it.
38. Steering drum on.
37. Sunshine, to bathe in.
36. Alcohol, to take the edge off, and give you the perfect excuse for a Girl's/Guy's Night!
35. Farmers...for food, grocery stores to take the work out of it for the rest of us.
34. Movie Theatre popcorn...for setting the standard to all popcorns.
33. Poetry, daring you think deeper.
32. Books to read, and the ability to do so.
31. Windows down, music up, and nowhere to be.
30. Mountains, beaches, glaciers, and natural things that just spring up and amaze you.
29. Hypocrites, for making you recognize genuineness when you see it.
28. Exercise...punishing you for eating too many donuts and cheeseburgers so you might actually stop doing it. Let's face it, if exercise were easy, we'd never get in shape.
27. Cake!
26. Days of the week, so we have a Friday to look forward to every week.
25. Money. To teach us frugality. <--shocked that THAT was actually a word.
24. Live Chat and Text messages, phenomenons that keep most of us going daily.
23. Snakes, spiders, grizzly bears, moose, wasps, and things that go "bump" in the night, to prove that nobody is actually bulletproof.
22. Education...and the choice to continue it as far as you can take it.
21. Women being treated equally. People died for this right, and it's easily taken for granted.
20. Love. Can you imagine not being able to feel to the depths of your soul, for somebody?
19. Music. It's motivating, emotional, and lyrics of the heart.
18. Rant walks. The type of walk that gets everything out, and lets the fresh air take the yuck away.
17. The ability to choose what we get to do for a living.
16. Freedom of speech. The ability to say, preach, or write what we want, to anybody we want, without fear of being capture and tortured for it.
15. Prayer. There is something about being in complete turmoil, bliss, or trouble...and being able to hit your knees and know the outcome will be for the best.
14. Ventilation System Friends. The type that you can feed all your crap to, and have it returned to you refreshed and clean.
13. Constructive criticism, to help you grow.
12. Reality TV, to make you thankful that you're not nearly as dramatic as you thought.
11. Loss of a loved one, knowing that they're probably in a better place, and to remind us that life is too short to waste it.
10. Births, to force us to realize everything is a miracle if treated like one.
9. Coins...reminding us that there are two sides to every story. And to flip it a few times before choosing which is best.
8. Cameras...enabling memories to really last forever.
7. Family. A part of your life that never fully goes away or leaves your side.
6. The love toward your child or grandchild. The one bond that can never be broken.
5. A child's smile.
4. Pizza, OMG.
3. Cold sheets on hot nights.
2. Forgiveness. And a God that is capable of it when you can't be.
1. Passion. A life without passion would be a candle that remained unlit. Pointless.

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Great list! And a wonderful way to end a Friday - thinking about all the things, people, pleasures etc, that we are THANKFUL for (but probably take for granted most of the time.)

I'm pretty sure my list would be similar. *printing!*

Happy Friday to you Nomz!

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