Wednesday, June 23, 2010

♫ Texting: How much is too much?

A friend of ours asked us to discuss texting on the blog, make sure to comment and lend her your thoughts!

Texting is quite the buzzword these days, isn't it?

This isn't the first time we've touched on it. I wrote a blog in December about the etiquette of texting, and how it's dangerously easy to do it wrong... Texting Etiquette

There are more and more states and cities putting laws in place to prohibit texting while driving, after research proving that it's put it lightly. Most schools have banned cell phones from the classroom. Work places find it unprofessional to have a cell phone in your hands at all times.

Given those facts, that leaves people of all ages approximately 9 hours a day to text, correct?

After Jen (our friend that requested this blog) posed the question "How much is too much?" to her Facebook friends, she got multiple responses on how many monthly texts are average or "normal". Most of us mid-20 somethings were right around the 700/month range. We felt much older though, when we found out that the teenagers were in the 10,000-14,000 range!

So we're curious readers...

#1. When do you find time to text throughout the day?
#2. How many texts do you send per month, on average?
#3. How many texts/month is too much for our younger generation? Do you have rules and limitations for your kiddos?

Remember, you can comment anonymously if you'd have no fear, we won't be telling your boss, your teacher, or your parents that you're outdoing us all. ;)

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Sazaran said...

I once saw this bumpersticker: "Honk if you love Jesus, text if you want to meet Him."

I text a lot but not an overwhelming amount- Yes, I do text at work but only because it is allowed. I'd say I use aboooouuutt 300-500 texts a month? This is purely guess-work.

First time Mommy! said...

I feel old, I text about 400-600 a month..... My hubby and I have already decided our kids texting will be closely monitored.

bbuss said...

I text sooooo much! omg. it's really out of control... like 2000-3000 a month. Mostly, this is between my mom and I while we are at work, so I think it's okay. :)

I know a TON of teenagers that are literally horrified to confront someone in person or speak on the phone. I think that's pretty bad considering any or at least most jobs in the real world will at least require a phone conversation or two. It concerns me for the future. But maybe real world jobs will include texting in the future...? *ponders*

Anonymous said...

I am almost 30 and I can honestly say that I fall into that range of teenagers. I do not like to talk to people I rather text them (sorry family). I am addicted to texting LOL

Anonymous said...

I am of the much older generation, and yet, I text between 1000 and 1500 per month. If not for texting, I would not "speak" to my children, as they are busy and don't always have time to "talk". I can text at work, whereas talking on the phone would be heard by all (I work in a mole hole (cubicle). What can I say, I love to text.

My kids are older, and none of their kids are old enough to text, so I guess we will cross that bridge when we need to.

MicKell said...

In highschool I sent about 10,000 a month.

now as in the life as a mom.. I send about 3,000.

Sazaran said...

HOLY.CRAP. Mickell! That's insane.

Sazaran said...

HOLY.CRAP. Mickell! That's insane.

Sara said...

Soooo I have that newfangled Android doodad so I can also do stuff like google chat on my phone so...if I don't include that stuff I'll say I text an average amount in an average month. These last two months have not been average though so...lately I'm going to put it around at LEAST 1,000 a's a guess and I'm thinking could be very much lower than what I actually text... eeeesh life changes really cause those text numbers to really go up.

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