Wednesday, June 16, 2010

♥Age is just a number...

I bought the cutest pair of dark blue shorts from target the other day. I plan on wearing the heck outta them this summer, beginning with Mal's birthday party. So, I hopped in the 'net and searched for cute trends to wear with said article of clothing. The whole tights/leggings trend with shorts? Yeah, I said I'd never do it, but now I'm thinking that with the shade of blinding white my legs remain to be, it might be a good idea. I'm excited as I find more pictures of cute outfits and then I stumble upon a fashion blog; it warns anyone 25 and older to stay.away. from this trend, siting Katie Holmes as a fashion fail. SUCK! This whole getting older thing, which I was totally okay with for a while, is beginning to turn sour.

My boy turned two this Monday. I can't believe I'm the mother of a two year old. He is the brightest, funniest, cutest two year old I know. He knows who his mama is and has no problem introducing me to every stranger that crosses our path. His larger than average thirty-six pound frame still curls up perfectly in my arms and his brown eyes know just how to sparkle when he's in trouble, wants something or discovers a bit of humor to share. As he grows older I'm both saddened by the days that I'll miss and excited to see where the Lord takes him. Pre-school is a short time away and soon he'll want to pick out his own, mismatched outfits each morning. Words I didn't know floated around in his brain will come spouting out making me laugh or gasp. Heartache, headache or body-ache I will be there for him.

Though my jewelry-making time has been cut drastically short, I'm still at it during the dark hours of the night. Your support is still overwhelming and I love each and every one of my 169 likerz (but feel free to invite more!!)- here are the latest creationz:

Have I mentioned that I HAVE A NEW JOB??! No? Sorry, I know I'm a blogging loser, these days. Anyway, I work as the Executive Assistant at Element Church. Which is awesome because it's only a two minute drive from my house (I fully plan on taking Bella The Bike out soon for a morning ride to work) and is sooo my element, pun intended. It's about flipping time I put those Bible school skillz to work! Aaaaand, it's totally a God thing. He definitely got me the job, along with the help of Nomz's fasha, to whom I owe a little credit. I work with all male-men which is a new experience for me. I've had my days of feeling really short and really prissy but with total freedom of being myself without the fear of a stoning with each mistake. Oh and the whole goofy every day all day thing is a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Jesus, for your blessings galore. One more thing: it's part of my job to be on Facebook- Eeeeeeee!


Danielle said...

The middle outfit? I actually admit to liking it and can't think of anyone but you to pull it off, because I don't think I could at all! So, you better try it, in my opinion :) Also? For some reason EVERY bracelet you make, makes me want to buy it from you.

Nomz said...

Ah ha. You work with male-men?! Not female-men?! Weird! ;)

I despise any and all leggings looks, but I'm not a good opinion to follow around when it comes to fashion, this you know.

Proud of your blogging skillz.

Sazaran said...

Aw, thanks you two! Danielle, I like the third top with the middle shoes. :)

But, see, my shorts are have (sort of like the blog's layout) and I have white or black leggings. I'm suck.

Reese said...

LOVE the leggings + shorts or leggins + skirt combo. I don't like it with ridiculous colors (black or white or gray or navy are fine...). I say go for it. You are def not too old. And if you wear it like Katie... then of course we all have reason to bash. She wore it horribly!

Dooooo it. And then post pictures so we all can see :)

Anonymous said...

Rock the end one! I freaking love it! And, I wear leggings, and soon to be 26 bwahahahaha. I think it's all about how you wear your outfit. If you look like you feel comfortable then rock it. If it makes you feel like, not so wonderful maybe try something else. Congrats on your new job! I'm so proud of you. And I miss you lots lady! Andddddddddddd awesome for blogging twice this week! Love ya!


Jennifer said...

Are you kidding? I I love the tights and shorts look! I saw it EVERYWHERE in London and Paris. Of course, your really have to be careful how you wear it. If you are a person who does not look good in short skirts,don't do it. Just don't. And not where it over 25? You have got to be kidding me! Im 36 and I am TOTALLY going to do it. And ROCK IT! And girlfriend, you would look awesome!!!
By the way...I am proud of you in every way! MUWAHHHH!

Jennifer said...

a www, geeze! Ignore my spelling errors! I HATE that!

Jennifer said...
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