Monday, October 12, 2009

♫ Some people are like Downy Balls

I bought a Downy Ball for the first time a few weeks ago. That, partnered with the new Downy black bottle goodness, has made my clothes incredible. I do not use that word lightly folks, I mean it. Not only are my clothes all fabric-softened, but they smell amazing.

During a discussion with a close friend and compadre last week, while discussing this product of awesome, another topic came up. One that comes up often enough in conversations between friends. Not that of gossip, but more…the things people do that have an effect on your mood, your day, or your general outlook on life. In venting my frustration with a certain friend, she enlightened me by saying something along the lines of: some people are like Downy balls, hitting everything they touch and pouring out ____ energy all over the place. In this case, I believe that blank was filled with negativity, but she had a point. Everybody is a Downy Ball, filled with a different form of fabric softener. Some of us pour negativity out all over the place pretty regularly, some of us positive, some of us brilliance, love, generosity, inspiration, or pessimism. Sometimes, you can’t decide what flavor you want to be, and don’t necessarily lack consistency, but just enjoy changing it up on us regularly. We’ll call it: bipolar. I hope I am not coming off as giving said Downy Ball, or you, a negative spin. Quite the contrary actually. Let me explain.

My Downy Ball has one flaw. As it pours, I can’t completely control how much it spills. Sometimes I can’t get it to spill at all, other times it waits until the end of the wash cycle and is overwhelming and must be rinsed again. Sometimes, it’s just right.

We can’t control how people spill. We cannot control how much moderation they use, or how much they just want to get it all out at the same time. What we can control, is how we react to it. Realize that you’re also a Downy Ball-and that everything you do has an effect on every single person you come in contact with. Don’t make them put you through an extra rinse cycle. *wink

Let’s recap. What we learned today:

Not only does everybody need a Downy ball to make the task of laundry slightly more enjoyable, but realize that just because the contents of your Downy Ball have been dumped out all over it, doesn’t mean you can’t put on an extra rinse cycle and keep moderate how much it affects your load.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Well said Nomz...

My Downey Ball does it's thing appropriately. Overflowing when there is joy, happiness and love to give...and not spilling whatsoever when drama or anger is around.

Sure makes for a calmer me...and everyone around me loves me for my...'control' of my Downey Ball.

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