Wednesday, October 21, 2009

♫Random Thoughts: 10/21/09


Wants to know why some believe an extinct (Mayan) civilization that the world is ending (12/12/12)...when they're extinct?

Wants to know what's so fascinating about car wrecks. It's pretty obvious that I'm not the only one that's like "yay! Lots of cop cars! A wreck! Come on cars, MOVE SO I CAN SEEEEE". While I usually say a prayer for all involved, is it morbid that it's completely fascinating?

is curious, what is with WalMart anyway? You know, besides coming up with content like this: People of Walmart

really wants to know your first name, and the meaning of it. I'm finding more and more that it's relevant. For you that care: Naomi=Pleasant. Ok, so it's not always relevant.

loves Creed. Especially this newish song:

is giving up her stance for the rest of October against negativity after realizing she's blogged about it three times without even knowing it. What would you like to hear about, readers?

is surrounded by enough good people in her life to let a few weeds grow too.

loves iced tea. A lot. The brewed kind only, and in colors black and green. Not the actual colors of course, but the leaves. I'm also determined that the fact that I drink so much of it, has an insanely awesome affect on my immune system.

can't get enough of our new ghost blogger, and her blog. Like this picture for example:

Find this picture, and more of her blog here: Check your Sugarcoat at the Door

Feet are gross. Really gross.

I have free EmergenC at my desk, for anybody in need of free vitamin ceeeee. Help yourselves. Just dont touch, or cough, on my bubble. thx.

You know, when you have so many thoughts floating around up there, it's impossible to blog on one thing. Feel free to respond to any and all of them. I need HELP.

Yours Truly,

7 comments: said...

My name means "lives in the ash tree grove." I mean, really, name etymology people? That's ALL YOU'VE GOT?

Sharing the love for our darling Calamity Jill right along with you <3 The world is a better place for having her words in it.

Calamity Jill said...

I love a random thoughts entry. You gotta spill the floating thoughts somewheres or they just buzz around noisily and THAT, my friend, is distracting.

D'aw, thanks for the love, sweetness. Happy hump day!

Linda in Cody said...

Loving your random spillage of thoughts today Nomz!

My name means 'pretty' and thank goodness my parents were good looking and so I turned out kind of cute! (and I suppose proper maintenance and care doesn't hurt either!)

And...I LOVE Creed bunches! This song especially...'Don't stop dancing everyone'!

Andrea said...

My name means feminine, strong and courageous. I would like to think I am all three of those things! Although I have worn the same pair of shoes for the past 3 years which is not feminine nor are they pretty but they are good shoes and my kids won't stop growing so their shoe needs come before my own!

I too love Creed, Iced Tea (only brewed), and appreciate my own bubble complete with my disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and dirty looks for people who come into my world with coughs, runny noses or green tinges!

Thanks for the fun blog today. :)

Anonymous said...

The world won't end on 12 Dec. The calendar-maker's chisel just went dull before he started back up again with 13 Dec. And then some Spaniards attacked, and suddenly having a calendar that went past 2012 wasn't as important as survival. He's probably ROFLHAO in the afterlife somewhere over that simple misunderstanding.

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Oooooh Anonymous, my sentiments EXACTLY! LOL!

Holly Haggerty said...

Holly (megamother) here. My name means "Holly tree". Mom and dad picked it out of a name book in the hospital after I was born. They were originally going to name me Michelle, but mom kept getting the spelling mixed up with Michael so decided to go with something more phonetic.

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