Monday, October 19, 2009

♫ Be a Positive Farmer

It's strange, now that I've spent months around farming, I'm seeing all kinds of ways to compare it to life. No wonder everybody says farmers are smart. Well, everybody I know anyway, farmers aside.

I got a fun horoscope the other day with this quote in it:

Life is short. Don’t waste a moment on sowing negativity. If you wish to harvest a good crop, then plant seeds of kindness and keep out the weeds of negativity. Weeds choke out the plant and make the fields ugly. Be a farmer of positivity.

First I was like, whoa, they are farmers too!. Then I was like, whoa, good point.

Similar to most men (and a few, is it left brained?, women), I learn with pictures better than anything else. Picture a pretty farmers field. The farmer itself does not necessarily need to be pretty, but the field. A corn field, or a sunflower field, or beets, if you know what they look like. Stunning in a sunset right?! Isn't that a great mental picture??

Now picture that perfect field, covered in weeds. Hmmmm. Even the sunset can't really help that scene, can it?

Farming takes a lot of work. It's not at all like gardening, for the record. They prep the field. Then they prep it again. Then the plant, then spray, then watch, then maybe spray again, then watch some more, then harvest, then do it again. Honestly, I'm simplifying it hugely, and probably getting some of the steps wrong. If you want to be a farmer, stop reading my blog and go find a farmer. ;) The point is, you don't do all that work to grow weeds, or let weeds take over.

Why oh why would you shout positivity, or plan for a good day, or a good year, and then let the weeds of negativity, or "negativity bombs" as we like to call them, get in your way? When a "weed" (negative friend, negative comment, or bad luck) starts to overtake your goals of a happy and content lifestyle, you've got to find a way to spray them with something strong, and plow them under. They might regrow. It's the end crop that matters though, right? Plow'm under. Not your friends, silly...their negativity.

Just a thought.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Wow! You didn't even need to write the blog, cuz it was all explained perfectly in your horoscope!

Agreed! Agreed! Agreed! Always be positive...because negativity makes a pretty woman, look ugly...just saying. :)

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