Friday, October 16, 2009

♫ I like Anonymous Comments.

I have to thank a friend of mine, for inspiring this blog. She writes almost daily, very well, about a variety of things. Today, her post was about anonymous comments on her blog. (!!Please read it here: FindingMe2009 ) She shares the thought process with a lot of people, that remaining anonymous is similar to wearing a mask. It’s something you can hide behind, so a lot of the time comments are either irrelevant, or an attack.

I can agree with a piece of that…the last part. The reason people choose to remain anonymous.

I guess the difference, to me though, is that I’d prefer the honesty with the mask, then no honesty at all.

When we created this blog, we decided to allow anonymous commenters. Because of that, in combination with some of the topics on our blog, we’ve been verbally attacked on more than one occasion. What we’ve learned though, is that if we do let those people speak anonymously, we can learn from those attacks. People also praise anonymously. Or choose to comment, because under a “real name” they’re not legally able to do so. We’ve had one reader reappear on our blog under a pen name, or anonymous name, because their real name can’t be revealed. Most blogs will let you assume a personality under any name. We could block anonymous comments, but what’s to keep you from using a “pen name”?

I like the blind honesty that comes with the anonymous comments. Snarky, attacking, praising, and anything else that comes along with it. I guess my personal preference is to listen to the masked person, then not hear them at all.

Don't get me wrong, it drives me bonkers when I can't figure out who lashed out...I would love the opportunity to get in an actual face to face argument with somebody that disagrees with some of my blogs...but that defeats the idea of a blog, to me. I put it out there for my sake, and hope that somebody out there relates to it, and enjoys reading it. I put them out there to light fires, and start discussions...honestly, regardless of the "who" behind the debate. This whole thing is worth pondering though.

I think this is a great debate. I’m not sure that there is a right or wrong place in it…but I’d love to hear your opinion! Bloggers especially, are your commenters allowed to be anonymous? How do you feel about that?

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Oh Bullshit.

OtterMary said...

well, that above was not very nice. ;) i visit this blog every once in a while and i don't think i have ever seen an attack (until just now). people stating differing opinions is not an attack, right? sometimes people don't agree--so they say their piece. most of the time it just seems like opinions, not attacks. MOST of the time. ;)

Reese said...

Oh! What a nice back and forth we have :p

People are MORE than welcome to have a different opinion, but an attack to me is something that is more along the lines of: "you're a horrible person naomi because you have big teeth"... (you don't have big teeth dear, so don't worry :p)something that isn't at all relevant to the blog post.

I like knowing people's names, because then I can talk and debate and have a honest back-to-forth, no-anger-involved chat with something. We all won't have the same opinion (the world would be a horrible place if we did!). I think more people see a "debate" as a put down, a "I'm right, you're wrong" or something that instigates a fight. It's not a verbal attack on your character!

But I don't see why people think that they have to be anonymous to be able to disagree, or why they use the mask to their advantage rather than because they can't say their name (wouldnt want anyone to get fired over a comment on a blog).

On my blog, I keep all the IP addresses, so worse comes to worse, you say something like you're going to bomb the president, I can go all CIA/FBI on your ass :p (not like everyone should do that now... just saying).

I also monitor all the comments, so I'll delete them should an attack be made. It doesnt help and what can you possibly learn from "Naomi has big fat teeth!"?

Maybe that she needs crest? I dunno? (again..i love your teeth doll :p)

Anonymous said...

I really just think that sometimes people remain anonymous sometimes because they like the fact that they can completely and openy express their opinion without judgement. Not only can blogs get attacked, but so can anonymous (or named) comments on those blogs. So, it is a way of protecting your opinion. You can have a debate with someone without knowing their name, and if the would have known who it was, it may have been a completely different opinion coming from the [blogger] because of personal opinions. Whereas if I keep myself anonymous, it also keeps the debate less "judgemental" and focuses on the facts (occasionally opinions) of the debate. Not saying I keep myself anonymous all the time.... just sayin, sometime's its nice to know there are NO judgement calls when its necessary to keep myself protected.

Lover of your BLOG! said...

I've never seen an attack either, but I do try to keep up on your blog ladies!

To answer for myself, it's about 50/50 percent of the time that I use my own name (can't tell yah!) vs. Anonymous.

When I use 'Anonymous''s not because I'm worried about an attack back or due to the words I'm using in response to the blog, but primarily because (and this may be my own personal fear or privacy issue) I know some of your other readers/responders to your blog...and my opinions are my own personal/private thoughts, battles or what have you....and I want to keep them personal or private...because...that's 'how I roll'....umkay?

Lover of your BLOG! said...

Oh have very pretty teeth Nomz!!! No crest needed...they are beautiful!

Holly Haggerty said...

I have never received an anonymous post on my blog so I don't know exactly what I would do with one if I did. I guess it would depend. I must be less controversial :)

Me, personally, I don't put a lot of stock in the opinion of people that remain anonymous because I feel that people should be up front about who they are and how they feel. That being said, I think the world would be a nicer place if people felt safe to speak their mind without having to hide their identity.

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