Tuesday, October 27, 2009

♫ Horoscopes Can Be Hard to Swallow

I’m not one to invest much in horoscopes. I think they’re hokey. BUT, when several hit dead on, it’s easy to see why people follow them closely.

I’ve subscribed to the Daily Om. Among many inspirational things, one of its strengths is it’s horoscopes. It’s not the typical “today you will trip on the sidewalk, look up, and find the love of your life has left his wife for you” horoscope. It’s not the your future begins today”, cheap Chinese Yummy Fortune Cookie type. It’s the “get off your ass and do something about your slacking” type. For example….today, I get (paraphrased, to keep it shorter):

You might feel overly sensitive to the opinions of others today. This could cause you to take their comments or actions personally. If you can set aside some time to calm your emotions, you will be able to gain a greater sense of emotional balance. Simply take a few moments to visualize a peaceful setting…When you return to your interactions, you may find that nothing can push you off center.

Visualizing a peaceful setting creates a serene state of mind that can calm our emotions. Choosing to maintain an inner sense of peace and harmony can be accomplished easily with the power of our imagination. When we focus on a peaceful vision and make it as clear and realistic as possible, our bodies react as though we were truly there. Our heart rate decreases, our stress vanishes, our serene mind-set quiets our thoughts, and we no longer feel so strongly impacted by our experiences. Your peaceful mental vision can help you to gain more control over your moods and emotions today.

Why did it come at a good time?

Fun story #1:

A Facebook friend of mine posted a link that was somewhat controversial. Not only in its level of being debatable, but also in the comments posted thereafter. A close friend of mine felt attacked. Her being attacked, made me feel attacked…so on and so forth. My horoscope is dead on in targeting my emotions today…and actually, dead on when looking back on my last week.

Which brings us to:

Fun story #2:

I, for lack of better words, lectured somebody very close to me that they get angry too easily, and too often. “It can’t be good for your outlook on life, or your blood pressure”, I say. “How can you take such little minute things about your daily job, so personally and let them get to you so easily…especially when you know they are going to happen?”, I go on.

Part of my daily job? Being a mamma.

Guess who gets angered too easily? Guess who, even though the little agitating things are predictable, gets irritated all too often at the little things? By the end of my day, I am downright explosive about a tear in a book page, or crayons on the wall, or baby powder on stuffed animals. Things that are so simple, and things I am going to actually miss as they get older. Things I know are part of being a mamma.

Ahhhh…I wouldn’t call it hypocrisy, but definitely a taste of my own medicine, or at least self reflection.


Before lecturing people I know, people I love, or strangers about their weaknesses, intolerances, or downfalls…check myself for them first.

Yours Truly,

PS. The picture at the top is completely irrelevant to the post, and is completely not mine. It can be found, along with other great stories here: http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Most-Emailed-Photos-Gunflint-Trail/ss/1756/im:/090929/480/3bd9672ed5a9453ebb46ef02be232dc2/


Lover of your BLOG! said...

I like the horoscope you subscribe to! Think I'll change the one I look at everyday, because sometimes I need an extra kick in the butt...

And it's ok if you lecture someone...maybe they needed it! We all have weaknesses, etc...and we don't HAVE to be perfect ourselves, to critique someone else...

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