Thursday, October 1, 2009

♫ Negativity is the easy way out.

Negativity is lazy. Anybody can find fault in somebody, because nobody is perfect. The real challenge, is glass-half-full lifestyle. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do in life, is find something good, when everything is bad.

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It just means you’ve chosen to look past life’s imperfections.”

I am a happy person. My sister, and a few of my friends known as the soul chargers, are generally happy people. I’ve tried to surround myself with people that can put a good spin on any situation. Of course, not all people are positive people. That’s ok! Of course we love you anyway. But you’ve officially been deemed: Eeyore Friends.

To my Eeyore’s:

Life isn’t nearly as bad as it seems. Even though you continuously have to pin your tail back on, drag your nose out of the mud, dig to find the positive, and just really have a hard time with life, we love you anyway! I mean honestly, Eeyore is like…everybody’s favorite Pooh character, right?! I’m just begging you to look around, and of the 10 negative things you found on somebody’s Facebook page, outfit in the mall, voice on the phone, the bad boy drama or girl drama…find one positive. Just one. As in: something you love about yourself. Something you love that’s going on in your life. OR even better; something you love about the thing in front of you that’s got you buggin’ and gripin’. It’s hard. It’s really, really hard sometimes. It’s just a challenge, from me to you. Me begging, even. Negativity is soooooo easy to carry around, and faults are so easy to find; the real challenge is finding the good in something that has you spinning the wrong direction.

Do me a favor. Since we allow you to comment anonymously: do so. Tell me about something that drives you NUTS. Something you vent about every day to somebody, and post it. Then, put PS….”but_____”. Example: “All she talks about his how hard her life is, when she doesn’t even realize what I am going through, or cares to ask! “ –anoymous. PS. “she has the most amazing voice when she IS griping though”.


Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

hmpf. i really don't like it when my husband interrupts me in the middle of a sentence in order to completely change the subject. never for any apparent reason, just something pops into his head and he starts talking. BUT--I think he does that because he hardly ever got a word in when he was growing up. also, he is excited about things, so he wants to share them right when they pop up into his noggin. he's such a wonderful man and i love him very much, no matter WHAT strange little habits he has. ;)

Anonymous said...

What drives me when women are caddy, bitching about everything about their lives, their families, starting rumors, living for drama, every single day...

I suggest those women I'm talking about start to do the following:
-Eat healthier and workout (this will help your mental state).
-Start seeing the positive in everything and everyone around you.
-Don't look for drama or a fight.
-Love each other.
-Think before you talk.
-Take time to read a book (step away from the computer!).

LOVE yourself for Christ's sake!

P.S. I LOVE everyone and everything around me...I'm not going to grow old being a grumpy old woman who drives everyone nuts!
P.S.S. Great blog!!

Anonymous said...

what's the difference between 'bitching' and 'bitching about bitching'? just askin' a question!

Anonymous said...

Will someone please smack my husband upside the head with this blog because it drives me BONKERS when he empties a full glass just to say it's half empty....
P.S. I love that my husband tries to be positive... when I give him *that look*

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn you were writing about a friend of mine. He's never had it easy, always tries to make his situation the worst out of everyone elses, and drags you down with his mood.
BUT... If I have a problem. I go to him. He knows when to tell me to suck it up and quit avoiding the issue. He gives me guts to do things I'd never try before. When you can get him out of his funk, he is one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Well...I never 'bitch about bitching until this blog requested a comment.

Maybe I'm just trying to smack a few people in the head (like the blog is referring to) to get them to wake up and's not the world around them causing drama or negativety...look in the mirror!

I just smile...and listen.

Anonymous said...

There are only a few things in life that really piss me off.
1. We have white carpet and my husband refuses to take his shoes off.
2. I'm not the babysitter I'm a wife.
3. What comes out of your mouth is the seed you plant for yourself. In other words watch what you say cause it will come around and bite you in the butt.

Other than those things nothing really gets to me. I try to be the best happiest person I can every day. :) I suppose I would be a soul charger.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit it; I'm guilty of contributing TO negativity by complaining about it. Even if it's done in the spirit of "venting," just to get it off my chest and out of my head, it's still putting negativity out there in some form.

But, despite having people in my life that "inspire" such things, my P.S. is that I'm thankful to HAVE these friends (who do have their wonderful attributes in addition to the sanity-testing ones, by the way; why else would they still be around?) as well as the friends who are always willing to listen to me vent and help me see that there's so much more to the world than the negative things poking holes in happiness.

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

I suppose the difference in "bitchin" and "bitchin about bitchin" in this instance is the fact that I asked for it. Outright. As practice to get people to not only feel comfortable with complaining, but helping them realize that in doing so, they can be positive too. It's like an exercise for your get it all out, then find positive energy to make yourself feel better about it.

Honestly, I'm not sure you understood this blog at all. I appreciate your comment-just wish you'd add your PS on too. Another day maybe...for now, just smile and listen. :)

To everyone else, thank you soooooo much for playing along and commenting. I love that you're willing to comment and throw a bit of your personal lives out there for us! Keep them coming! And hope you feel better! :)


Anonymous said...

I think it is easy to be a negative person this day and age. I catch myself doing it all the time... like every morning that I have to drop my kids off at daycare and know I won't see them for the next 10 hours. Knowing I can't be there to pick my daughter up from school and instead have to rely on my daycare worker to get her picked up. Not being able to do all those 'stay at home' mom things that my mom was able to do for me.... BUT.... Because I work I have more self esteem. I am able to be told on a regular basis "good job" which you don't get as a mom. Plus, being a working mom makes me savor the precious amount of time I DO get with my kids. I appreciate that time even more because it is so limited. I always say that in every 'bad' situation there is good and we all need to start focusing on what that good is instead of dwelling on the bad.

Sometimes it is hard to see the positives in life but it really is an important habit we should all try to pick up!

Anonymous said...

I hate being told that I am a cruel person because my son doesn't see his biological father or that side of his family--not by my choice, but because they choose--I hate that they hate me and are willing to spread negativity when I've only ever held the door open and have been caring for my son SOLO without any support (financial or otherwise) from anyone else. Their negativity has bogged me down---BUT I am so grateful for my little boy and the ability to truly love someone and's worth the trials I am going thru now, this too shall pass! :) God is good!

Thanks ladies for your blog!

Anonymous said...

I hate when my mother in law comments on my weight and constantly compares me to to other family members; when she puts me down and makes me feel as if I am not worthy of be part of her family or being the mother of her grandchildren.......PS I do love how she will always be there for my children whenever we ask, and how she tries her best to support my relationship with her son. I know she loves me, but as a hard time showing it :)

Anonymous said...

Facebook drama is not my favorite. In fact, it'll get me all sorts of worked up in no time.

I hate when people talk about their marriages, in a bad tone, on Facebook in front of people that have to see both parties all the time.

I hate when people put encrypted status' up that make everyone wonder who they're talking about. If you have a problem, get it over with in private with that person, OR, hit a home-run-fail and put their name and everything in it. Don't half ass it in front of everybody, then EVERYBODY feels guilty.

PS! I do love Facebook for the positive people on it, and for the negative people that remind me how lucky I am to have the positive, honest ones in my life. <3

Plus, every negative commenter can just be treated like a new prayer request.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I hate the encripted status's people put on Facebook and Twitter.

HOW ABOUT - if you have nothing NICE or POSITIVE to say, LEAVE IT OFF FACEBOOK & TWITTER!!!!!

Enough already with DRAMA. And, if you can't go without posting DRAMA on FB or Twitter, then DELETE your account. Apparently you don't know how to utilize these programs!!!

Just saying....................

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