Tuesday, November 9, 2010

♥I want to go ice skating.

Today, though it hasn't turned out quite like I wanted it to, is still good. That's what I'm telling myself. Yeah, yeah, okay the snow looks a little pretty as it falls slowly outside my window. And, yeah, the Christmas song I'm listening to is transitioning me from disappointment mode into seeing-the-silver-lining mode. So.

Along the jolly holiday lines, I think tonight calls for popcorn, hot chocolate, pajamas and a movie (most likely Love Actually) in a cozy little room with soft twinkling Christmas lights. *sigh*

Today as dad and I were stranded in Laramie, eating our omelets and scrambles at Perkins, I noticed a peculiar atmosphere. All the people were talking to each other. I don't mean people talking to only the other people at their own tables... I mean, the lines of conversation had punctured their social bubbles and people were actually talking with each other. I love that. It instills a little {more} hope in my heart.


Something I'd really LOVE to do one Christmas? Ice skate in London. With the love of my life. In a red pea-coat. To love-song Christmas music blaring on the outside speakers. With little snow flakes swirling about.... wait, wasn't that in movie?! Most likely.

Here it comes. Yep, there it is....... *officially excited for Christmas*

Sorry, I just had to get that bit of holiday gleeing out of the way. I might ebb, it might not. But I couldn't really keep it in. Especially since it was about time to write.

During this week, boyless and hanging out with other mommies, I thought of a few things that I think all moms should have. Here's my short list:

A faux pediatrician. For example, Nomz was my on-call nurse AND doctor for the first 18 months of Mal's life. When I had an issue or a concern and didn't want to fly off of the handle, I'd call her and draw from her experience. She was amaaazing at calming me down when I was freaking for nothing or sweetly suggesting that I take it more seriously. Every mother, every new mother especially, should have a Nomz. But, you can't have my Nomz. Sorry.

Mommies with varying ages of offspring. You know, so you can get your baby-cuddling time in if yours are older. So, you can watch how they discipline and direct their toddlers, so you can enjoy the time you have before your own are teenagers. Seriously, you can learn from other parents and you can appreciate where they are compared to where you are.

A childless friend. Let's be real, when you become a parent nothing else in the world matters. Even your own personal stuff is put on a shelf, covered in a bag of old clothes and forgotten about for a long while. Having a single friend who can remind you of your need for play time (while still respecting and understanding your responsibility as a parent) will help you balance out being a mom and being YOU.

Sometimes, I wish the English language held more words for words. You know, some languages have a word to describe a single thing or feeling and others have a whole plethora (good word, right?!) of options for description. Awesome? Good word. Awesomerest? Better, but still doesn't do something (or someone) that is genuinely more than that any justice. Amazing? Eh. Wondrous? Maybe. Give me more words and I'll tell you if they work.

Aaaaand, because this song has been stuck in my head, you get to share it with me:


Tori said...

AND you still need to listen to MIA- Paper Planes.
So fitting for BOB and makes you want to dance..
or at least me.
and I realize I'm a weirdo..

Sazaran said...

Listening NOW. <3

Reese said...

Loved the post. And seriously loving the idea of a red pea coat, london, and ice skating.

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