Monday, November 22, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 11/22/10

Teaching my kiddos the importance of the SHOUT! song!

So...let's all SHOUT for Random Monday, shall we? OMG on a Monday and everything!

Random Monday's have become much, MUCH more random...thanks to a MUCH crazier life. But, I promise once a month or so, to throw in random musings and thoughts. Just what you always wanted, right?!

*I got absolutely spoiled rotten for my birthday. So much so, that I have high hopes to blog about the entire experience. BUT, a shout out, to those that made it absolutely amazing, who joined me for the multiple celebrations, and for overall making me feel adored. <3 A blog will come in your honor, I promise.

*I realized that it's not the matter of years in your life, but the matter of life in your years. <--yes, I stole that. But it's one thing to read it, and a whole different thing to KNOW it. I'm one blessed girl.

*Being a working mom is great most days. I get to see my kids first thing in the morning, pick out their clothes, wish them luck on their day, and usually say their prayers with them at night before bed, or even catch them in the early evening to get a recap on their adventures. Some days though, I do work two jobs, and it's harrrrrrd on my heart strings. Today is definitely one of those rough days

*I hate being lied to. I hate being blown off. And I really hate when they happen at the same time.

*Sometimes, I need more of an ear, than advice. I'm a problem solver by nature, I just like to whine about those problems before I solve them. <--I'm a girl, admittedly.

*There is a gentle balance between spendy and thrifty. It's not good to be too far on either side, trust me.

*You can love any bad behavior, bad germ, and bad luck out of any person. Love cures all.

*"Friends are God's way of apologizing for family." <--this quote will be in my "for days you need a laugh" file.

*It's almost Thanksgiving! And I can't wait to have me some HAM! I despise turkey. We are having a fun string of comments on our Facebook page about the different Thanksgivings our readers have though! Join us: Daily Offensive on Facebook!

*My support system has like...Hulk Hogan...strength. I mean, I've met the guy, and I can tell you that my support system could easy take him on (Thank you, for being the sole reason I survive our hectic lifestyle), and possibly beat him. They're amazing. And so much more attractive.

*I have babbbeeee fever. I mean, I don't want one, but I want to hold one so bad! WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE HAVE A BABY, KTHXBAI.

*Back to face Monday, which, all things considered, isn't too terrible afterall. :)

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Love does cure all! And especially if you love, love, love, when the haters are around trying to bring you down.

Spread it, live it, laugh with it...LOVE more and the world will be a much better place.

Glad your birthday was wonderful! Hugs!

SLR said...

Give me a few months and I'll have a baby. You'll actually have to come visit though, in order to hold him/her. I put him before her because I think it may be a boy...we'll see though. In four weeks we'll

Reese said...

Psh. You best be lookin toward the damask-and-star-lovin Cheyenne lady before you look toward me for babies. Meh! Not in the next 10 years at least :)

Love the randomness..and love that you love your kiddos so much! They're gunna be amazing women when they get older!

Slowly Becoming Faithfully Insane said...

Nice :)

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