Friday, November 19, 2010

♥Note To Self:

I think I'd like to have a garden full of white and light pink peonies. Then, in the summer, I'd take my sun-hat, white linen dress, favorite book and spend hourrrrs just soaking in the sweet smell and printed words. Dream: (n).

It has just been TOO long since I've walked along the beach, barefoot and full of thoughts. The sound of water always helps me sort through said musings. I'm pretty sure my home in heaven will be a seaside flat. Cause Jesus knows it's what my heart wants most.

Why is it that expensive taste floats around in my blood? It's just not fair. I want allll the pretty things.

Is it weird that I study people's profiles (not the Facebook kind)? I love noticing details like the bridge of a nose, the length of eyelashes, the posture of a forehead and the position of cheekbones. If I were an artist, I think I would have sketched books and books of profiles from everyone I set my eyes upon.

If today had a color, I think it would be powder-purple.

I want a life full of snowflake kisses and counting stars. I want endless summer nights by a campfire and road-trips with the windows rolled down and the music in my hair- feet propped up on the dashboard, bopping to the beat. I want a life infused with unquenchable giggles and nail painting parties. With early morning tea and journal scribbles. I want to always turn to the middle of a book and find it just as thrilling as the beginning or end.

When in doubt, stick your foot out and wait for it to contact with faith.

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." -Hamilton Wright Mable

Someday I want to be involved in a grand comic tragedy in which I can actually blurt out, "Words, don't fail me now!"

Note to self: breathe. Deeply. Breathe in all the goodness of God. Taste and see that He is good. Know He is in control. Fear not but only rejoice in what He's got brewing for you.

Remember the game of story writing? Remember when you'd write one little part and pass it along for another's input? See below:

1. There once was a little penguin. His most precious possession was a finely polished sea stone. One day, his mother, coming back from a day of fishing, misplaced it for rubbish and threw it to the bottom of the sea. Upon discovering her mistake, she frantically searched the depths, but to no avail. The little penguin was so distraught he cried for days. He resolved to search for it no matter what it took and thus be began the most perilous adventure he would ever undertake...

2. The little penguin gathered all of this courage and dove from his home into the depths of the cold sea. Deeper and deeper he swam- only thinking of his precious stone. Suddenly, the little penguin saw out of the corner of his eye a dark figure swimming swiftly toward him...

3. It was a yellow submarine! At first the little penguin was so frightened he could not move. After a few minutes, he realized it was harmless and decided to follow it. Maybe it knew where he stone was!

4. The penguin approached the submarine and realized that it was a different type of submarine than he had ever seen. As he got closer, he saw that there were cages on the submarine. As he peered into the window, he discovered that his mom was in one of the cages! No longer was the little penguin concerned for his sea stone...

5. The little penguin quickly devised a plan to rescue his mother and her friends. This plan involves a very long journey through the penguin town, over the great penguin mountains, through the dangerous arctic-cat caves and eventually to his final destination....

NOW, it's your turn! Add to my story, won't you?! Be sure to see what others have written before you add your two cents. ;-)


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