Thursday, November 11, 2010

♫ Veteran's Day...Mixed Emotion?

It hurts my insides to read the press, the blogs, the tweets, the Facebook posts, etc. today. It seems like a lot of people have turned the day from what it should be, to a political stance.

Today is about remembering. Not just September 11th - the reason our troops our fighting for our country overseas. But about every battle they've ever chosen to fight in all of history. The huge world wars, the fights on our own soil, the battles they fight every day against people that choose not to support them. Today is about remembering not only those that risked and sacrificed their own lives, but those of their families as well.

They fight for our right to be independent, free individuals. People are dying for our right to blog, to eat, to pray, to speak, to live.

Regardless of your political standings, your thoughts on whether we should be fighting a war, remember that these men and women are fighting for you to have an opinion. Celebrate them, pray for them, and thank them...not just today, but every time you see a uniform.

Yours Truly,


Ashley World said...

Very well said! I think that it's important to be thankful for the families of these amazing men and women too just like you said. I personally can't imagine what it's like to constantly worry about the safety of a loved one who is fighting for our freedom. I will never understand why politics come into play even more than the thought of all of those past, present, and future that are protecting us and fighting for our freedoms. God Bless all of the amazing people who have made so many sacrifices for each one of us

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog! Some people don't understand the importance of today...unless they have someone or have had someone close to them in the military, active duty or what have you. Close to home...we just had one of our son's closest friends shot 3 times in Afganistan...just 2 days ago. He is in Germany and will be enroute tot he USA tomorrow. He will be survive, but pretty close to home to make us realize, it's not over yet.

Anonymous said...

That's my girl! Nice video too! ;) Love you Pal.

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