Thursday, November 18, 2010

♫ I'm going to divorce Brandon.

Oh gosh people, stop looking at me like that. I can't divorce a guy I'm not married to. But IF we were to ever get married, and IF Eva Mendes showed up at our doorstep begging for his companionship, I'd gladly walk away. That's our deal. He has an "out", somebody he can leave me for without any hard feelings. Mine? Oooooh hoho, ladies and gents, mine is Gerard Butler (right?!).

And thennnn, whilst coming up with these words, I found this picture: (please refrain from licking your monitor, ok?)

Post drooling, I'd love to know if you and yours have discussed such madness. Would you leave your guy/gal for a celebrity? If so, who?

In my can't really, truly, successfully love somebody until you can admit and love your own shortcomings. I know I'm gorgeous and loveable without the perfect skin and bouncy chest. ;) It's important to be able to openly discuss what you feel are your weaknesses are, and be able to joke about them. He's going to love you anyway ladies, as long as your secure in who you are without his approval. So, lovlies, lust away at your favorite actor/actress, laugh at the unfathomable, and love yourself first. Enjoy the bliss of imperfections!

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

**Drool, drip, wiping face off** Ok, now that I'm done licking my monitor, I shall continue.

I would never leave my spouse for an Actor/Actress. I don't care how bad they 'want' me. I don't want the spotlight, don't want the chance that he/she would leave me for YOU. ;) But a chance at having my photo taken with that Actor/Actress - youbetcha!!!!

That is all. Back to licking...

bbuss said...

Preston: Rachel McAdams (i think only if she had the brunette hair though. He's very unpleased with her as Regina George. I guess that could just be because she's Regina George *ponder)... Anyway, I'd leave me for her, too ;)

me: Shia LeBouf!! omg. I've BEEN a fan since even stevens, so me and Shia, we go waaaay back. Imagine my surprise when Preston said he wanted to rent wall street! I was all "OMG WE CAN RENT A SHIA MOVIE AND YOU WON'T MOCK ME MERCILESSLY?!!!!" Said renting has yet to happen, BUT when it does... *drool*

Anonymous said...

my last serious dude didn't understand the concept - OK, I know that should have been a red light right there and then. I brought home a similar idea after a customer stopped by work and my heart started doing backflips... Mind you, I had been with my guy for nearly two years at this point. I discussed this later that evening with the "dude" and there it was... that totally clueless expression why I needed to see him that evening and to come clean about my inner lustings earlier in the day. It was a definite "Lost in Translation" moment.

The one *STAR* that just made my knees go weak - and I am speaking from first hand experience - was Steve McQueen. Blondes have never been my type but there was something about that craggy face that just spoke of common sense and when he smiled... oh, be still my inner core!

Alas, Steve is no longer with us but I think I wouldn't mind spending a moment or two with Antonio Banderas [I would want to know what's up with Melanie... but that could put a damper on things]. With that voice, the world could be his...

SLR said...

Sooo... We had this discussion not too long ago!! He guessed that mine would be good ol' Gerard Butler, however, I'm not sure I'd be satisfied to actually LEAVE my man for Gerard. I mean a hunk sure but,he's no geek,and I doubt he could pull off absurd like Troy does. I really doubt anyone could do absurd like Troy and that's why I love him.

Troy's fling or what-have-you would be impossible because the only gal he could think up has since passed on, THAT gal would be none other than Audrey Hepburn. I have to say, he impresses me ALL THE TIME!

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