Monday, October 18, 2010

♫ Random Monday:: 10/18/10

Oh my, on a Monday and everything!

*Random Monday, it's been entirely too long since we had a chat, let's!

*My most recent endeavor? Young Farmers. It's sort of an adult version of FFA, something I always wanted to get involved in but wasn't allowed the chance. I am using my Social Marketing skills to get more involvement in the Front Range chapter, hope to get involved at a national level, and am determined to figure out why Wyoming disbanded. Al, you and I have quite the project ahead of us. Like my new page! Front Range Young Farmers

*That new endeavor makes me the admin of FOUR Facebook pages. Connected? You could say that. FYI...I'm going to start charging for my brilliance.

*I don't normally blog on a Sunday, but my heart sort of spilled all over the place yesterday, and made quite the mess: A Rainy October

*My Ashley and I are going to start a drive-thru pizza place, because people around here have yet to create such a thing. I was thinking about naming it "There". You know, so you can say: "Want to go to There for pizza?", and when people respond with "Their pizza, is it good?", you can respond with "Eeeediot. THERE pizza, not THEIR pizza, didn't you learn anything in fourth grade?"

*I happen to be very much in love, thank you very much. Brandon continues to amaze. <3

*I am starrrrving, and my kids ate all the yogurt. Sigh.

*Speaking of them! They have recently grown about four feet, aged quicker than bananas, and are the thing in this world that I am most proud of.

*Tomorrow is the birthday of a girl that I went from loving dearly, to missing sorely, to mourning, to realizing that sometimes life just sends people in different directions, and it's probably for a reason. I continue to love what we had, and wish her the best. Happy Birthday, Kara. 10 years ago this month, we've been friends!

*I was always worried that uploading too many pictures to Facebook would overwhelm people. I changed my mind and upload almost daily. Don't whine either, it's not like I force you to browse them!

*Sometimes, I could torture a certain ex-somebody with little regret. The lies are stacking against his favor. BUT I have to remember that no matter how much I want to be, I can't be in control...nor should I be. God's got this, I'll trust that, and let life catch up to least until he actually hurts the little hearts involved.

*Anybody dressing up for Halloween?

*"When you no longer need to prove anything to anyone and can simply be yourself with no apologies - you have arrived."

Yours Truly,


Ashley! said...

They're ALL going to come to "There," and tell all their friends. SO THERE.
<3 you, even when we're 300 lb. and can high five with our upper arm flab!

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