Friday, October 22, 2010

♥Yet another untitled post.

It's raining ( ♥ ), I'm listening to rain-complimenting music ( ♥ ) and if I close my eyes I almost feel like I'm in Washington ( ♥ ); it's so easy for me to be dreamy on days like today.

I wish things in real life came with a "like" button.

I wish there were Roman wishing wells for moments in life. Throw a penny in and you’re bound to return to that moment of big grins and happy hearts.

I’m all for making messes. The bigger the mess, the better the result of whatever is being fashioned. Which is why my room and I are covered in paint, clippings and creativity. It must be something about the holiday season nipping at our heels that’s prompting this urge to make stuff.

For the second time, a week of no Malface is close at hand. Rather than scheduling myself so full that I have no time to breathe or notice the silence of my house I’ve decided to try to drift through the days, flowing where they may take me. A certain, charming coffee shop in a certain, charming city is calling my name as well as a Big Ass Book of Crafts (no, really, that’s its name!) that I plan on delving into to provide a slight distraction. Also, the ol’ camera and I plan on spending good, quality time together. It’s been much, much too long.

Oh and I plan on taking part in a Harry Potter marathon, too, before Deathly Hallows Part 1 comes out {28 daaayyys! Eeeee!}.

Saw this on a friend's status update this morning: "A morning without coffee is like sleep." I KNOW, RIGHT?!

A few weeks ago I toured around beautiful Ft. Collins, CO with friends popping in and out of the little shops that litter the downtown region and saw a piece of artwork that was so so cute and really easy to make. So, what did I do? I made it! Duh! And I'm quite proud of myself!

Oooh, today makes me want to grab a piece of chalk and a flat rock and draw a giant's sized hopscotch game in the parking lot of work. We'd have to jump, like, realllly far to get to each square! Who wants to play with me?!

I'm now listening to Natural Anthem by Postal Service and while, usually, it stresses me out (you'd have to hear it, to know. There's so much crashing and angsty noise that it drives me into a tailspin when I subjected to it) but today it sorta matches this crashing that's going on in my head. I think it's a good crashing... can't really explain it. Actually, I might listen to it again.

Bloggers, like singers, are a dime a dozen. But, it takes true talent for someone's thoughts to capture my attention and I've found an amazingblog that I'm starting to fall in love with <-- check it out.

Ashley! inspired talk and thoughts of tattoos this morning... which got me to thinking, once again, of my own blank-canvas epidermis. It'd be so so so fun to get one and since I'm such a sentimental sucker, I think I'd love it forever... but what to get?! And WHERE?!?! I'm too indecisive. I'd like to play total copy-cat and get some short, inspiring quote somewhere. But, it's just soooo permanent.

It sorta makes me sad that I've neglected my camera for so long. What makes me even a little more sad is that it's almost quite impossible to find stuff to take pictures of here. I'm a photographer for crying out loud! I should be able to find things that are not obvious to the eye and make it an amazing photo, like I've done before:
I'll have to make a list of all the different pictures I want to capture, a photographic bucket-list if you will...


Ashley~ said...

Copy away, darling-face. Seriously, if the urge to ink strikes you, I could see some gorgeous, swirling, swooping letters taking up residence on that princess-pretty skin of yours.
BTW, wouldn't today be a perfect day to be all tucked up in aforementioned cute coffee shop, tea & a good book in hand? <3

Reese said...

Soo many fabulous things in Sarah's post that I had to comment.

1) ^Agree. I can see some totally fabulous quote, word, or description of some sort inked on your skin.

2) I wish I were closer so I could partake in the HP marathon as well... AND go see it with someone (because forcing Ross to go will be like pulling teeth).

3) Do tell how you recreated that gorgeous piece? And can you snap a pic of the original when you're there next? And omg holy cute!

4) LOVE the idea of a photographic bucket-list. And I'd fully support you in your efforts to put one together and start crossing it off. I'll be the distant cheerleader, if you will.

Fabulous. :) Glad to have you blogging so much recently! (And sad Malface will be gone for a while--just know he will come back and it will be a happy day :))

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