Friday, October 22, 2010

♫ Crave what you've lost?

So there I was, laying in bed at 10pm, listening to Brandon in the tractor about a mile away, doing everything he could to get his work done before the weather turned. We had just spat about how I feel like a needy girl, and act accordingly. And I remembered that aside from his charm, his good looks, his funny jokes, his low brow comedy, and his ability to dance my feet off...I fell in love with his character. His ability to put all things aside to make sure the work got done, with his integrity in tact.

We fall in love with what grabs our heart, sweeps us off our feet, and what makes our insides all swoony.

Common heart-flutterings:

*A man in a suit
*A man in uniform
*A woman cooking
*A woman impregnated
*A man worshiping the God you both love
*A man holding a baby
*A man that knows hard work
*A man covered in hard work
*A man in a kitchen
*A woman with independence
*A man of strength

It's absolutely impossible for me to cover everything, because we're all different. Everybody has something inside of them that makes them go aflutter though, that warms their insides, that makes them yearn for more from somebody, and that indefinitely attracts us to them forever.

Sometimes, we get so lost in the noise of the rest of the world, that we forget the fireworks that created "us". We crave more of each other, but we forget what it's like to give first. We want old fashioned romance, even though we've had it all along. Yeah, yeah...he makes you mad, he doesnt do enough around the house, he doesnt say the right things...but does he still come home in that uniform that you fell in love with? Does he still know exactly where to kiss you when he wants a little something-something? I thought so.

We don't lose each other usually...we lose ourselves. We get comfortable, and crave more, instead of being thankful for exactly what we've got.

Why'd he fall in love with you? Find that again...and you'll have him straight back into your arms.

With love,

PS. The last time my heart soared, it was actually caught on camera, thanks to Ardent Photography. Thus, why it's going in a frame, and looked at every time I think I need more from him...and then I'm slapping myself.

Do YOU have any pictures you need to dust off?


Ashley! said...

If you ever wrote a relationship advice book, you'd make millions.
"We don't lose each other usually...we lose ourselves. We get comfortable, and crave more, instead of being thankful for exactly what we've got. " - I love this, but not as much as I love you & your perspectives on life. (Or the picture in this post, which still makes me tear up AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN MY KIDS.)

Anonymous said...

Awwww....romance. A term that usually only seems to apply to us women....'what women always WANT and never GET'.

It is a 2 way street. For a person to get back to the basics of where we were 5, 10, 15, 20, 26 years ago is extremely hard for some couples. And, if both parties don't realize what they need to do (great education by the way Nomz!), then that is where 'infidelity' comes from...

I personally romance the heck out of my husband and get nothing back. So if something else 'flutters' my heart, I let it be fluttered. Good or bad, right or wrong, I'm not going to leave this world with a broken heart. I want a heart that fluttered from time to time and made me smile! :)

Reese said...

! ROMANCE ! (long story but I once dated a guy whose nickname was Romance, or Romy for short. It didn't end well).

There's something oddly satisfying in a guy who knows hard work, love, value, trust, etc. And the fact that your guy was working so hard to finish before the weather proves a million times over that hes perfect for you. And if you weren't needy in some way, then you wouldn't be a human! We're all like that. It's what we fill that need with that makes us who we are :)
And, if I do say so myself, farmers, tutu-wearers, and friends with fabulous personalities are the BEST ways to fill that need :)

Love you to pieces and glad to see you loving life. And blogging about the ups and downs. Makes me thankful for you in my life! <3

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