Saturday, October 16, 2010

♫ A Rainy October

Here's the thing...

In Sazaran's most recent blog, she said this about me, and it really couldn't be more true: "Nomz may seem like she’s fallen off the face of the planet. But, I can tell you that that isn’t the case. In fact, I believe she’s familiarizing herself with this planet in a whole new way. Let’s cheer her on in making the right choices, trusting more than she has before and seeing things in a new light. Because, after all, she happens to life; life doesn’t happen to her."

October has been bittersweet, and I won't mind so much if the door does indeed hit it in the ass on its way out. I'm an extremely independent girl, completely dependent and leaning hard on the people that count in my life...and it makes my insides hurt.

I'm learning the hard way, that when you take the chance of flying, you'll probably ruffle some feathers. I followed my heart, I'm learning to stand on my own two feet and rebuild, and I'm learning the hard truth that not everybody is going to like it.

I defeated a zipline in the dark last night with my favorites last night, and I'm off to conquer the rest of the world with them by my side! My support system, like that 30 foot high cable, is constant. It's safe. It's trustworthy. It's faithful. I'm latching on and enjoying this ride! (It wasn't just who was present last night...if you're in "my village", you know exactly who you are. I love you so hard.)

You see...It's not who stood by and watched you fall, it's not who looked at your decisions disapprovingly, its not who talked about your mistakes. It's the people that stayed by your side through all of those things unfailingly, that really matter the most.

I am indeed seeing the this world in a whole new light. I am getting so familiar with this change that I'm calling it "home". I am falling in love. I am happening to life.

Yours Truly,



Anonymous said...

Love you Nomz!

Bobbie said...

Wow girlie, you hit this one on the head. Sometimes we do things that others dont understand so they lash out. It hurts. However, if you are happening to life, and you are growing and learning, and setting the best example that you can for your two beautiful girls, than you are succeeding in areas that lots of other people never will. I'm happy for you and pray all the best for you!

Anonymous said...

I cried with big fat tears of joy for you and you wonderful minis. I think the world of the 3 of you and lean back on you. So with said thank you for coming into our family and making it complete. You and the girls have made our little fAmily better in more ways then you could know. For that I'm forever grateful. I'm only to happy to help anyway I can. So with my stubby chubby arms I embrace you and your girls give you hugs, a place to lean and of course a place to vent. Love you

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to KNOW, that I am one that has stood beside you, watched you grow over your lifetime, supported every one of your decisions, never judging, always offering advice and loving YOU for the choices, decisions and mountains you've climbed.

Keep it up girl! Proud of you, your family and your accomplishments! I'll always be here for you!

Lover of your BLOG! said...

What an AMAZING song on this blog. "When you reach my lips, don't you dare stop"...the lyrics are wonderful.

Sends chills up my spine, bring happy tears to my eyes...for reasons only I know.

Thanks for sharing this song!

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