Monday, September 20, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 9/20/10

Rolz and my new puppy, Nova! We call them, "Rollanova"

*One more week of commuting. Just one. It's bittersweet. But lawdy am I ready to not be making that long commute anymore.

*I found my girls a preschool! Screeeeeeeeeeee! Bless you, little church preschool, for being the most time-sensible, curriculum desired, safest place I've found yet.

*I got glasses! I've got 20-25 vision, but two astigmatisms. Which is fancy for "you can't drive, operate machinery, or even a computer, without wearing a cute accessory."

*Thanks to Christie (don't worry when you don't recognize her name, most of you don't know her...your loss, really), my girls will soon be doing three flavors of dance classes, AND having recitals. *prepares to cry*

*This weekend had the perfect balance of reality, romance, and go-time. I got swept off my feet, swung around a dance floor, time alone to think hard on some things, and epic sleep-in time, and bonus shopping time with one of my best girls. The things that can be accomplished in one weekend!

*Have you heard the latest Octomom drama?! After showing a co-worker (Octomom), he said "she's gotta looked like a popped balloon, right?" Ew.

*I'm job hunting. Officially. Know somebody hiring in the area I've moved to? Let me know! (Creepy blog stalkers, I'm SO glad you find our blog interesting, we hope to continue entertaining you, but I'm not going to tell you where I live. Sorry.)

*Ever notice how when you're reading a really good book, the chapter ends on such a cliff hanger that you're dying to keep reading? Ever notice that life is the same way? Weiiiiird, huh?

*Speaking of that, how the HECK are they going to make the seventh book in the Harry Potter series TWO movies? I'm going to die of anticipation, that's how. Along with the other 7 million addicts. They'll torture us with three hours of The Titanic, but Harry Potter? get to pay double the money for that feature. Jerks.

*Autumn does indeed bring cooler weather, but with it comes good tv! I'm right back to addicted to Sons of Anarchy, and have huge plans to disappear entirely in to Grey's Anatomy Thursday!

*It's weird how I just started a blog with nothing to say, and here I am writing your eyes off.

*I am absolutely in love with this:

*If you can handle Jewel's voice, listen to these lyrics.

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

And everything is falling into place in your life! Awesome! A job will come along at the perfect moment as well - I'm working my connections for you.

BTW - I want to travel the world too just to have pictures taken of me kissing some awesomely handsome man. Thanks for giving me yet another goal! ;)

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