Monday, September 13, 2010

♫ Random Monday: 9-13-10

I'm sorry I'm blogging fail. I've been training my replacement at my job, which is a far better excuse than Sazaran's excuse...I promise. Actually, I have no idea what her excuse is. But mine wins anyway. ;)

*I officially want a polka dot dress, and red high heels. Like this, only with more red in the heel area.

*I'm in love with my life, and that's ok. That doesn't mean that everything is perfect, that just means that I really am succeeding in looking past life's imperfections.

*I've caught the dancing bug. This weekend? I'm begging that boy to take me out and swing me around a dance floor.

*Do you ever look around yourself, and say "mannnn, my friends are AWESOME."? Because I do.

*I'm realizing I'm a little bit of a control freak. And I'm ok with that.

*I've decided I'm going to be put as much effort in to people's lives that they put in to mine. So, here's me telling you boldly and plainly...This friendship or relationship is only as good as BOTH people involved, step it up.

*I've gone from "Mannnnnn, the summer is almost over, boooohissss" to "OhMahGah it's almost CORNMAZE season!" Who's in?!

*Compromise means "meeting halfway". This can be a very literal definition...not just figurative.

*I'm wearing a hair flower today, and hanging out with the girl that inspired it. Pictures might have to take place to prove this madness.

*Every single girl goes through this phase where she finds herself completely unworthy of love. It's our own little way of putting up walls to protect ourselves. Yes men, your girl is normal in her insecurities.

*I love my blondes. But everything in me wants to be brunette again, with a purple streak. Or maybe an entire head of bright red. For my hairs' sake, I need to invest in wigs.

*I'm in search of a little black dress, girls. Where is your favorite place to shop for such things? Skater-girl-looking, just below the knee, and absolutely fabulous...must all be in the description.

*"A true friend advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably."

*I am in desperate need of a pedicure. For serious.

*People keep asking me, "Why, with everything else going on in your life, did you get a puppy?!"...coincidentally, I'm also questioning my own sanity. BUT, I refuse to be home alone ever without a dog, and since the other dog goes everywhere with the man, I have to have something to trust with my sanity. Seeeeee?

*The first thing I read before I started my day...and cried. Because it's just...perfect.

If suddenly and without warning you had absolutely nothing to worry about, do you know what the world would begin to look like?

Un-huh, exactly the same as it does right now.

Alright, if suddenly you had absolutely nothing to be afraid of, do you know what you'd begin to look like right now?

Yeah, cool as ever.

OK, OK. If suddenly you had absolutely no expectations to live up to and no one to disappoint, do you know how free you'd suddenly be?

Yeah, same, same.

Get it? The only thing that would really change is your thoughts.

And you don't need circumstances or other people to help you with that, do you?

I say it's time to blow the lid off this popsicle stand.

- The Universe

*Dear song, thank you for saying exactly what I can't. (Thank you, Prairieeeee!)

Yours Truly,

4 comments: said...

You know, I am cordially extending an invitation to the wedding to Red High Heels, if you can find a suitable pair to accompany you. Just sayin'.

& you know what's absolutely insane? When we go, I am going to be a WIFE. Oh em freaking gee.

Hairflower pictures are occurring, and you will like them. YOU WILL LIKE THEM SO MUCH YOU MAY ACTUALLY BURST INTO BLOOMS. (Well, not like hives or anything; just more hairflowers That sounded so bad, like I was wishing a plague upon you.)

Here's hoping dresses find BOTH of us soon; maybe even *gasp* tonight?!

<3 you, <3 that song & <3 your ability to compile so many random thoughts into something I look forward to reading every single Monday. Mwah mwah mwah!


Naomi, you are brilliant. And I love your face.

A few things for me to mention:

I'VE NEVER BEEN IN A CORN MAZE! I've had no one to go with. And I'm DYING to go with you :) And your wee blondes. And the boy. Hell let's invite EVERYONE to watch Reese freak out in gigantic corn.

LOVE red heels. I own two pairs of red shoes and can't get enough of them (true story: will be wearing red shoes for my wedding. And you can help pick them out with meeeee!).

I love your life. And your face. And your blonde-wanna-be-red hairs. :D And bonus perk to owning said puppy? IT LICKS STICKY FACES. AND SPILLED SODAS. AND IS AN ENERGY-EFFICIENT VACUUM! :D

Bravo on your random monday. Loved it. :)

Prairie said...

Did you mean to post "Late Morning Lullaby" on there? I thought you were going to post "My Song"???

Anonymous said...

You do NOT have blogging fail! It's just summertime and we've all been busy.

I totally agree with the compromising and meeting halfway, friendship thing. Sometimes I get tired of giving and giving. I know my time is more valuable than that, so I give, you give and we are still good.

And I love how often you change your hair (or think you want to change your hair)! Variety is good and it makes our men wonder 'who this new woman is sleeping next to him?'!!! Keep 'em interested whether it's hair, clothes, tanning, nails (oh yeah, you need a pedicure - I'll get right on that!)!

LOVE the song! Thanks for holding out on sharing the song with me today! ;)

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