Tuesday, September 14, 2010

♫ Every Girl Should...

My list, of things every girl should own, know how to wear, a skill she should possess, and an experience she should have. In order to survive this world...us girls, well, have to be girls!

Every Girl Should...

*Get kissed in the rain, at least once, if not over and over again.

*Own a pair of ridiculously high heels.

*Keep her favorite pair of pants, and kill herself a few times a year for no longer being able to fit in to them (but you will someday, so keep them!).

*Fall in love. At least twice.

*Feel like a $5 hooker. Seriously girls, it's ok to get a cheap thrill out of seeing your man wildly attracted to you in your hooker boots, dark makeup, and fantastic body.

*Compile a stack of chick flick movies to cry at when you're home alone, or craving a girls' movie night.

*Gather, and keep close, a good stock of girlfriends. (Yes, girls are evil, but who the heck else is going to understand your insanities AND take you out on the town to feel young again?!)

*Have bitch-out music. Forgive the language, but you KNOW when you have THAT SONG playing in the car, windows down, after a rough day? All is well in the world, without even a second thought of needing a guy to fix your day.

*Red high heels (Cheesy video, but makes the point for me.):

*Have a favorite type of wine, easy access to a deep bathtub, and candles. At the ready, at all times.

*Obtain a journal that will fit in your purse. Or seven. Don't worry, nobody ever actually finishes them, or writes in them every day...but you've got so many thoughts, it's a good thing to have on you at all times.

*Know how to use a gun. Ladies, you'll never be self sufficient without feeling protected without a guy. Get yourself in a self defense class, a hunter's safety class, and buy a gun. It'll make you feel all risky, too...bonus!

*Learn how to drive stick-shift. Yes, we live in the day and age where every car practically comes with autopilot (omg, have you seen the commercials for that car that PARALLEL PARKS FOR YOU?!), but learn how to do it anyway. I've got one you can borrow!

*Ride on the back of a motorcycle. Feel it, like it.

*Make a huge change to your hair, at least once.

*Write a poem, feel empowered.

*Conquer a dance class. if you've got a heart, you've got rhythm...even if it's buried seven layers underneath your clumsiness.

*Have your mama and daddy on speed dial. Forever and ever, no matter how crazy they get, or how much you think you don't need them.

*Know how to work a plunger. At some point ladies, you'll live alone and really regret not knowing how to work one of these nasty beasts.

What am I missing??

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Love this blog!

And just for the record - I've done every one of those things, EXCEPT, getting 'kissed in the rain, over and over'. I want that...

firststarontheleft@gmail.com said...

- Have that one go-to friend to take shopping, who you know will always tell you if the shoes are ugly, the pants make your butt look big or the color looks weird

- Divulge her secret-weapon beauty products to her nearest & dearest

- Sometimes have bright, sassy-red toenails

- Be able to own up to at least two completely trashy, totally addicting reality TV shows

maliaana said...

- make love on a deserted beach in the middle of the day

- openly flirt with someone gorgeous while on vacation

- savor a gourmet meal at a restaurant that has never been featured on the Food or Travel channels

- know how to fix things around the house [this means NOT going to you phonebook to call someone]

- dance when THAT song comes on

- not be afraid to schedule a date night years after being together

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