Thursday, September 16, 2010

**Hitching Post Fire Under Fire!

For those of you that don't live in the Wyoming area, you might not know that one of those most historical hotels in Wyoming burned down in the last 24 hours. (See more on the story here: Hitching Post Fire)We've all been following the story pretty closely here, and we've got a ghost-blogger that needs to talk about the subject. Any thoughts on this, readers? -Nomz and Sazaran

I just finished reading the article and comments about the Hitching Post Fire. Now I have the overwhelming feeling to rant! To those that have left comments on the tribune website! While you sit at home a complain what a horrible job the firemen did to extinguish the fire at the Hitch I have one question. Do you really even know anything all about fighting fires? Here is just one comment from the article written by "Taxpayer".

" I see Cheyenne fire did another outstanding job burning down a historic building. Why do the fire department even exist if all they do is park fire trucks outside and squirt water? don't they know how to do any other kind of fire fighting. Did they at least call in the professionals from the base and the guard, or did they wait till it was to late.

Its a a shame Cheyenne does not have fire fighters who actually fight fire. I say we bring in district 1 and 2 & give then to city, at least they know how to put water on the fire and do it safely and lots cheaper. "

Everyone is entitled to their opinions I understand that but do you really have to insult the men and women that risk their lives to do their job?

Okay, so I lied I have a few questions for those that feel the need to bash the Fire Department:

1. If it was your house that was on fire would you be insulting them?

2. Do you have any idea how hard it is to fight a fire whether it is from the inside or the outside?

3. Would you run into a burning building?

4. Do you know how hard it is to hang on to a hose that is pumping out thousands of gallons of water per minute?

I am just guessing... But suspect that you would be grateful to the fire department when they show up to your home to extinguish the flames ripping through your life! It takes a very special person to fight fires and not just anyone would be willing to run into a burning building or even stand next to one of that intensity!

When you insult the men and women of ANY fire department I tend to take personally. My husband is a volunteer fire fighter and have seen all the hard work that they do. They have more training then most would expect.

There are many people that were affected by yesterday's fire. It is hard to watch a landmark go up in flames, but do you really have to insult those that work for hours to put out the flames!

-Al, Ghost-blogger


maliaana said...

Al... I agree. I have friends in the fire department - regular and volunteer. Before people bash those that put their lives in harm's way to help others, they should shadow them for a few shifts.

I am going to make the assumption that if this is the historic hotel, it was probably built out of wood. Chances are, that by the time the department arrived to put the fire out, the building was probably already fully engulfed and was more of a danger to the fire crew and if the blast of water hit the building, flaming embers would fly everywhere and start fires wherever they landed.

I think this is another instance where those complaining about the fire department didn't take facts into consideration.

Sarah said...

I don't live in Wyoming and am not familiar with the story, but I am familiar with this style of commenting. Take any news situation that doesn't turn out well, and a host of entitled know-it-alls is bound to turn up, bashing the lack of expertise of the experts who were supposed to handle the situation.

I don't know what it is, but in some people there resides a compulsion for armchair-commentary - like the out-of-shape sports fan who yells at his or her favorite player about some missed pass or fumbled ball, these folks don't really have a basis for comparison, but that doesn't stop them from opening their mouths.

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